Tuesday, August 26, 2014

School uniforms/ school clothes for kids


I must tell you guys, I can't WAIT for the kids to wear school uniforms next year.

They'll wear golf shirts and shorts in summer (I assume with takkies?), and tracksuits in winter. In grade 1, they wear the proper school uniform (I can't wait for the cute little dresses!)

We'll have to get two of each uniform for each kid - the principal told us it will cost over R3000.

I still say, UNIFORMS for the win! 

No more fighting about clothes in the morning

No more of me setting out clothes the night before

No more thinking if this is going to be warm enough or if they'll be too cold.

No more "I want to wear my ______ top, not this one"

No more WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH like you're killing them if you dare suggest that they wear a sweatshirt in 17 degree weather

No more!

look at Kendra's jeans!
R3000 will be absolutely worth it.

Also, I may finally be the mother (Se7en!) who only has two outfits per kid per season. I can't WAIT!

I suspect we will have a few more than that though because of "afternoon clothes". My friend Nat has a SMALL pile of clothes per kid (less than what we take on holiday) - seriously very impressive.

I know the Americans can wear anything to school and I used to think that was a nice idea but I actually love having one less little thing to fight about with the kids.

When the weather changed, everything was suddenly "uncomfortable", I think because of the long vest, long-sleeved top and sweatshirt.

Oh, the tantrums.

Connor actually JUMPED out of bed the other day when he saw me take a short-sleeved t-shirt out for him to wear.

I must admit, it's very cute to see baby arms again on the two of them.

But not worth the tantrums over nonsense like clothes!

(we've tried having the kids choose - they happily choose but if they're not feeling "said shirt" the next morning, that's it - negotiate til you're blue in the face)

I have said (after reading a parenting book the other day), "you're going to school NOW. Clothes or pyjamas - your choice" and that worked a little bit better.

Do you have clothes fights in the mornings?

What do you do to prevent it?
Who's excited about uniforms? :)

PS these pics were taken on their actual 5th birthday!


  1. I'm excited for uniforms! The boys start them tomorrow!!! They go off to Kindergarten and will wear powder blue golf shirts and navy blue shorts with brown shoes from the prescribed uniform shoe company. As the weather gets colder, they will wear navy pants with the same shoes and can wear short or long sleeve powder blue shirts. Pictures will be posted tomorrow!

  2. I'm starting to see the attraction of uniforms. The ladies are pretty good at picking their own clothes, with only gentle guidance from me when it comes to matching things up. I also, generally, let them wear whatever because I can't be bothered to fight about clothing. Yes, you can look like a fool! I'm all about choice! HAHA!

  3. I am looking forward to it for exactly the same reasons! Our school only starts that in Gr1 though, next year is still wear what you want.

  4. Oh no, blogger ate my comment. In short - mark everything to the most possible. The only down about uniforms is how they get lost - especially jerseys and jackets

  5. This is an interesting read... and I had to chuckle at the "two outfits per kid per season." We never have clothing fights, Basically what is on your shelf is what you wear... and choices (ahem) are fairly limited... due to space and well the strictly one on and one in the wash philosophy. I once read a book where a grade one teacher wrote: "Her most dreaded student was the student that couldn't dress themselves. It demonstrated lack of independence on nearly every level." Harsh I thought, and my oldest was about a month old at the time... it set me the on the path of my kids being totally responsible for all their dressing needs at a very early age. Basically by the time the next child arrived in our family they older one had to be able to dress themselves. My kids get up, get dressed and head for breakfast. If they don't wear a sweater in mid-winter they will be cold and if they wear a sweater in the middle of summer they will about die of heat. The point is it is their responsibility and kids rise to the occasion.
    I have to say the thought of spending R3000 per child for uniforms leaves me reeling in horror... that would be at least (bigger kids would cost a lot more) R24000 a year on clothing - my word. That is R2000. a month. Way, way more than our current clothing budget. I am going to have to go back to bed and start the day over just thinking about this... I may even have to blog about this - gasp!!!

  6. Can't wait for uniforms for the exact same reasons! Liam doesn't care, he'll wear whatever I put out.. but Hannah.. oh my hat.. she herself will choose her outfit the night before, but by the next day she has changed her mind about her selection.. what is the POINT of laying out clothes the night before if we are STILL going to waste time in the morning fighting over clothes??!!! And heaven forbid if the item she wants is in the wash, or those specific shoes are dirty... oh no.. BIG problem. But yes, I hear school uniforms come with their own issues... if you forget to wash or a sock goes missing or the jersey gets left at school.. if you don't have your own back up, you are pretty much screwed, whereas now they have a whole wardrobe to choose from :)

  7. I get Kade's clothes out his cupboard every morning and that is what he gets to wear for the day. So far he's not fought with me much (maybe twice) and then I allow him to choose either his Wellies or his closed shoes. In summer he got to wear his sandals nearly every day.

    I like uniform cos it can help moms' in the morning BUT I also want my kids to be kids for as long as possible. They do have 12 years of uniform after all ;-)

  8. Even if you start school at 3 years old back home you wear uniform from day 1 I thought it was like everywhere until recently. Each has it's own advantage and disadvantage but I think given the choice I prefer uniforms - everyone looks the same and it doesn't matter if a parent can afford designer outfits and another can't. And of course added to that the palaver of dealing with little fashionistas who change their mind on a whim

  9. I do not like uniforms right now, it would mean my baby is grown up. We fight most mornings about clothes...I am not too fussy, but I do need him to at least wear pants.
    I said to hubby I was going to go shopping for some clothes so we could offer more of a selection or get him pj's which are suitable for school too, that way I can dress him at night and then he can just wear the same thing, because we would have already fought the night before.

  10. Marcia! It sounds absolutely heavenly! Enjoy! I'm jealous. :)


  11. I LOVE uniforms. It just does make life so much easier and is very cost effective in the long run. Remember to label EVERYTHING. What I don't like is when uniforms are not practical. I am all about golf shirts and chinos. I think your kids will wear sandals - Joel wears sandals with his shorts and his golf shirt and takkies/boots in the winter. Some school uniforms look like you are going to a board meeting! What is UP with the blazer? I think that's unnecessary. Uniforms are meant to be comfortable.

  12. I do remember...and at two Stefan already has his likes and dislikes and the tantrums when he doesn't get his way...I still believe in uniforms.


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