Saturday, August 30, 2014

Snapshot Saturday - Blue!

Heads-up - my bandwidth is out for the month (this post might not publish) and I'm too cheap to pay exorbitant rates for a bandwidth buster. So there'll probably be no post tomorrow.

Have a good weekend!

I can't resist this car!

isn't my friend's hair gorgeous?!

Which is your favourite blue pic?


  1. Love the car...your post published ;-)

  2. Love, love, love the car - had a beige one like it in digs about a hundred million years ago!!! We had one of those months... everything was up, including electricity. Unprecedented blessing that our calendar is really full this weekend and we have been invited out for every single meal, weeks ago booked on the calendar!!! Have to say I am not looking forward to Monday's mammoth laundry. But we did a massive decluttering that we would never have done otherwise!!!

  3. That car!!!! Love it. My sis would love to just ogle it!! And the birds caught in flight! Nice

    Ps; I just did the blue challenge too

  4. Oh the last one is fantastic!

  5. I love the blue roof, and the cupcake!

  6. The last one and the car are my favourites!

  7. Is that our friend, R, with the gorgeous hair?


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