Saturday, August 23, 2014

{Snapshot Saturday} Painting the town red

I really want to hear about the weird things South Africans say so go ahead!

PS Braai is an Afrikaans word which is maybe why it's weird to hear :)

Also, thanks for all the lovely comments on the crazy busy post! Love that you could all relate to the word pic!

Without further ado, here we go - red Saturday Snapshots.

Next week - BLUE and then GREEN for the first week of Spring.

as I walked out of the study with my camera, I saw all this red - yes! Birthday flowers from my sister.

pic by Kendra :)

Connor: Look, Mummy! A red car. I was quite impressed that I managed to whiz around quickly, compose and shoot!

I may have a thing with street signs - I have another 5 I could have showed you...

why indeed?!

my gorgeous red leather bag

seen in Newtown
Which is your favourite?

PS we went to see Jersey Boys today - LOVED it. I also loved the show - different kinds of love!


  1. I had to resist taking pictures of road signs today! Love them all

    Favourite - maybe the one with standing out. Love that saying

  2. I love all the red. When I feel a bit blue...I wear instantly perks me up. xx

  3. Love your red bag pic! And my dad and his wife saw Jersey Boys...they said it was great, too. :)

  4. Oh gosh I love your bag! And the graffiti pic is my favorite

  5. Love the bag shot!


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