Sunday, August 10, 2014

So we're back!

The kids told me that 5 days is too short a holiday and I told them I 100% agree :)

However, we need to be grateful that we got the time to spend together at the beach.

I worked it out and we've been on holiday (away from our home) for 20 days this year alone, so we're doing very well... and it's only August.

This is a quick little post - longer posts to come when I get to the photos.

my birthday present from the kids (sandals in a strange coppery colour). I love strange colours that could be one thing or another because they're so versatile and interesting.

 in front of the grey wall (which looks uglier now than it did in January but is still a great backdrop)

this was yesterday morning at about 11 am - sandy feet in flip-flops. By 7 pm we were back in Jhb with our ELECTRIC blankets on! Such is life.
On our very first night in Ballito, we had a power failure! That's never happened to us on holiday before. I was in bed reading on the ipad and just over an hour later, the electricity was back on. Of course, D and I jumped up to watch The Amazing Race :)

But here's the thing - Terisha (hi Terisha!!) was in Ballito that day but left early the next morning. Also for her birthday (great minds think alike)! I so wish I'd have known that before so we could have met up and gone to see the grey wall but never fear, Terisha, I took PICS for you! Email me or shall I make a post for you?

What was the best thing that happened for you last week?


  1. Oh I love the happy moments you are sharing and in my opinion holidays are seldom long enough too. But you guys are doing very well in terms of holidays this year.

    For me, getting my new camera!

  2. Welcome home! Holidays are never long enough... NEVER. The best thing that happened to me last week? Gemma's first tooth poked a hole in her gum and I can feel that sucker!


  3. You lucky fish! Glad you've had another holiday :)

  4. Hi Marcia. You are absolutely awesome. Please do email me the pics. My email add is I so wish we could have took pics together at the wall. I LOVE the photo of you against the wall - love the colours.
    P.S This is the 2nd time I missed meeting you. The first was the Air Supply concert. I only saw your post after the concert.

  5. Ha. Five days is enough for me. You've been VERY lucky with the holidays this year but, you deserve them all after that business at secret company. The best thing that happened to me last week? Mmmm...digging deep here but I'd say that it was coming home to a clean house the day when the cleaner was here. Also having my Dad pay for a manicure for me - am shallow like that! Also very grateful for the small things these days.

  6. So happy you got to enjoy some time away in warmer weather for your birthday!!!

    Best thing that happened to me last week! Lots! Moving on to another desk for a new job which is much less stress than my last one. Having time with the family. And getting tasks done to get the boys ready for Kindergarten in two weeks!

  7. Welcome back!

    I've caught the plague and am taking a sick day today...maybe tomorrow too if I don't feel better by then.

    I am feeling very overwhelmed at the moment. Very! Giving myself pep talks to suck it up buttercup and get on with it.

  8. Aaaah the beach, the sun, slops, sand, LOVE!!!! I totally agree, 5 days = tooooo short! Well as you say, it is certainly better than no holiday at all.

    Well it looks like you had a good break for your Birthday. Did you do anything special on the 6th?

    And that turquoise really is your colour. You look SO happy in that pic!

  9. Welcome back. You as a family are doing really well with regards to going away as a family. So happy for you all. Can't wait to see more photos of the trip.

  10. Seeing some family and friends I haven't seen in a couple of years. And K attending her first wedding!

    I'm not big on going away so can't really comment on the no of days but I know after 3 days away I'm usually ready to go back home.

  11. Ah, 5 days is still AWESOME!! Lots of awesome happening last week, will tell you when I see you :) xx

  12. So happy that you had a summery birthday...the pics look good.


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