Friday, August 22, 2014

Some reading for the weekend, and weird things South Africans say

Things multiples are tired of hearing

Proof that kids fight more when both parents are around

On 5th grade mean girls

Her definition of good friends

Weird things Australians say.

I commented on that last post but as usual, my comment is somewhere in Wordpress Neverland. (Right there is why I don't comment on many WP blogs I actually find interesting)


We should talk about weird things South Africans say. We say "robots" for "traffic lights" and "tomato sauce" for "ketchup".

What else can you think of?

Which was the most interesting link?


  1. I still can't get my head around robot!

    Tomato sauce is the correct word since ketchup is just a brand name , much like saying Colgate or close up instead of tooth paste. Except the one time I asked for ketchup the waiter looks at me like I was coocoo .

    Baby marrow - everyone else I know calls it zucchini or courgette

    Braai instead of barbecue

    Back home we call traffic circle - roundabout - now I wonder which is more weird sounding

    Taxi instead of bus.

    Would love to see other ones people come up with.

    1. Do you think tomato sauce?
      Braai - Afrikaans
      it's roundabout in England too
      taxi instead of minibus? not bus surely?

      Keep adding to it!!

  2. You know, I think I read Cat's blog for many months trying to figure out Braai. I think it might have been Louisa who posted a picture and it suddenly all clicked! Being American I find many things you say weird and vice versa I'm sure! :P

    1. So I really find Australian terminology weird. And some Irish but that I think is all charming. The thing I found most confusing was the word "after", like "I'm after a cup of tea" (I want a cup of tea - I think :))

  3. The big difference between now...just now...and now now.
    From friends who've lived elsewhere I hear brandy and coke is apparently a bit of a novelty...closest you can get to it is cognac and coke and everyone gives you a raised eyebrow when you order that.
    As far as I know the selling at robots is also an exclusive SA thing...from toys to fruit and licence disc can almost do your grocery run on the way home.'s not one of my favourites unless it's my mom's krummelpap...closest I think anyone else has is probably polenta, and not served at all in the same ways.

  4. Us South Africans are something special!

    Jelly vs Jam
    hello vs howzit
    jerkey vs biltong

    The "now now" thing is also quite us.

  5. now now.
    lift vs elevator.
    bathroom vs toilet. My friend who lived in the US says that it's VULGAR to say that you are going to the toilet. You need to say that you are going to use the bathroom.
    I know about robot and traffic light.


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