Saturday, August 16, 2014

Surprise! Snapshot Saturday - yellow!

So Mrs FF asked (in a comment? in an email? in an SMS?) me when I was going to do Snapshot Saturday again.

I think I said something flippant like "never... since I was the only one doing it, it felt like". She did tell me that she also used to participate, and now that I'm thinking a bit more clearly, I think Mandy also played along.

Anyway, I'm not saying I'm bringing it back proper but I was editing these pics (the last from July - yay, I can now move onto my birthday and Ballito!) and realised that Connor and I took a YELLOW photo walk.

A bit about the colours. The kids and I have taken a blue and pink photo walk too (with the iphone), and after this yellow one, a pattern one too (also with the iphone) because of #augustbreak2014 and it is SUCH fun.

So nice to challenge yourself creatively to LOOK for different things and not take the same old boring photos.

It's also easier to take quicker walks with the iphone and look for a particular prompt.

Anyway, these pics were taken on D's birthday very late in the afternoon (we left at 4:56 and were back at 5:18). Connor makes me live up to my promises of walking even when I'm feeling a bit lazy and I love it. Once I'm up and out the gate, I'm fine and I love the alone time with him, and of course, the photography.

I like this one because I pushed my lens through a fence to take this one :)

does this count as yellow? Connor said no!

he told me on Friday he doesn't like to do anything specific with me; just BEING with me is nice (my quality time child)

So post some yellow photos and link to me or comment so I'll find them. And next week, let's do red. I've been craving a red photo walk so it will get me off my butt and make me do some walking this week.

Will you join me next week?

PS from the times above, you can see we don't make a huge thing of it. For one, it's freezing (see my blue lips?) and two, I'm a big believer in anything is better than nothing.


  1. Yes I'm with C that's gold not yellow!
    Love it. Thanks for doing this.

    You got some gems here, beautiful pictures

    Posted already! I did it without taking new pictures - YAY

    1. :) :) you and Connor are ganging up on me!

  2. I did! I did!
    I'm so excited! You're going to have to continue. It late now, and my phone is lacking in the yellow department. I'll definitely have something tomorrow though!
    The big camera needs to be dusted off.

    1. Also, don't you have one of these big wall/fence things? You should have them painted to suit your background tastes! Maybe different colors inside and outside the yard with an accent wall?!

  3. The yellow is very cheery...even if some of it's on drain covers and rubbish. ;-)

    I would let you use the lock as yellow haha.

  4. Love the kiss pic!

  5. Unfortunately I am with C, the lock is bronze not yellow ;-) #sorrynotsorry

    I am keen to do the red thing!


  6. Ha. Maybe I will join in. Will see how it goes.


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