Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The fabulous grey wall in Ballito

I do think this grey wall is just the BEST backdrop for photos so when Terisha commented on my Instagram that she couldn't find it, and there was no time to meet up in person, I decided to take photos when I next went there.

(Interesting - Terisha commented on the 4th, her birthday, and I took these on the 6th, my birthday)

We stay in one of the complexes near the Granny's Pool (Terisha, I can email you - I just don't want to put it on the internet!), so out the gate and turn LEFT.

we are very close when you see this lifeguard stand

Willards Beach

it's on the back of this thing!

go down the windy ramp thing

and turn left past the outdoor showers

this is the front of that round thing, assuming you didn't go down the windy ramp

opposite the tide info, turn to look back and you'll see this road

I went onto the little ledge and peered down the railing. THERE"S THE GREY WALL from above.

if you walk around the other side, you'd turn right to get to that section of grey wall, but if you look left, you see this view

And the grey wall!

it's so very worth it!
Who's going to Ballito next?


  1. Oh boy, I wish!

  2. We're going in Jan...can.not.wait! :-)

  3. Yay!!! Thanks for the directions. I know where you guys stayed. I recognised the building from your photos. We stayed 2 buildings away from you. We going to Durban in December. We not staying in Ballito but I will make the trip there just to get some pics in front of that wall. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos in front of that wall. Thanks again for sharing :)

  4. Never being to KZN! But your pictures of the beach always make me want to go. Beautiful

  5. What a great back drop. :-)

  6. I desperately need a beach holiday! We are doing Plett in January BUT I need to see the sea sooner than that... think we might need to arrange a Balito holiday soon!


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