Tuesday, August 05, 2014

The last day of my thirties

The party series continues  - thanks for commenting over there :)

Well, today is my last day of 39... and my last day of my thirties.

Such a funny thought because, of course, I feel exactly the same as before... except slightly more navel-gazy ;)

I'm suffering from a slight vulnerability hangover as Brene Brown calls it. It's when you've been vulnerable, shared and there's that feeling of oh my word, why did I share? for whatever reason (you feel like you've overshared, or the response wasn't great and resulted in shame, etc.)

Anyway, so that's where I'm at for now.

I feel like being a bit quiet while I think about things some more.

But in other news, I'm on holiday at the beach! With D, the kids and my mother. The most unprepared holiday ever.

I packed at 10:30 on Monday morning and we left just after 11:00. Yes! As a result, for bottoms I only have two pairs of shorts, a sarong and a dress... plus the jeans I was wearing. No rude comments please!

I have big plans this week - I plan to read 2 - 3 books, go for walks every day and take lots of photos while having good family time.

So far, so good.

I had my birthday party on Saturday and I am too surprised that I got no books. That's got to be a new record. I am 100% sure I have got at least one book for every single birthday probably for the last 15 years. So I TOLD D today, please for the love.... buy me a book off my Amazon wish list tomorrow. I saw him on the computer earlier so I think we'll not break the chain :)

What are you reading at the moment?

I'm reading a Sinead Moriarty, Pieces of my Heart :)


  1. Happy birthday! Hope your 40's is a wonderful and blessed period in your life

    1. Ps: I think you packed enough for a beach holiday! Sounds perfect to me

  2. Happy happy Bday! I hope you have a wonderful day and a wonderful year. Life begins at 40 after all. I am reading The One Plus One (Jojo Moyes) and of course 3 other books on the side as I do. I loved Pieces of my Heart.

  3. I went on holiday to Malaysia recently and did not wear one full suitcase of clothes since it was too hot. The summer clothes I packed consisted of 4 dresses, 2 shorts and 2 T-shirts. For 2 weeks they were in circulation often. You packed enough for a beach holiday.

    Happy birthday and may all your heart's desires come true.

  4. I once went on holiday to Namibia with Cliff with a pair of crop jeans a sarong and about 4 t-shirts and my bikini. That's it!

    I am reading Fault in our Stars.

  5. I hear you on the vulnerability - am going to blog about it soon. Also. You have packed MORE than enough clothing for a beach holiday - unless of course you don't swim. Then you're going to have a HUGE problem.

  6. Um...**really** hoping your package arrives!!! ;)

    I just ordered a book from my Amazon wish list, one you suggested ages ago on boundaries. On the eve of me starting back to work, I know I need to read it!

    Hope you've had a blessed birthday, dear friend!!!

  7. Hope you had a stunning birthday. Enjoy the beach...for me it is 6 weeks and counting for our 2 weeks in Plett. Gosh, I have been reading "The little old lady who broke all the rules" for the past month and still not complete. I guess is just doesn't grab me.

  8. Did you get your book from D? :)


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