Wednesday, August 06, 2014


This year I decided not to do a 40 things list. I also didn't want anything that would be on my yearly goals list so I made a new kind of list.

Lovely things to do this year

The way I define it is... it would really be nice if I could do ____________ over the next year. Nothing earth-shattering (except for the Weigh-Less one) but nice.
I happen to have 24 things on this list, which was not intentional but feels about right. 

Some of the things on the list are:
  1. Do the first two weeks of Weigh-Less without cheating 
  2. Arrange at least one creative evening/ afternoon for bloggers/ friends/ readers
  3. City Sightseeing Tour 
  4. Arrange a Newtown photowalk (Jeanette, I want pictures of those yellow doors and blue wall)
  5. August Break with Susannah Conway 
  6. Do a New Year’s or Christmas party 
  7. Read through the entire New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs 
So who's game to join/ help/ support me?

One more thing.

Long story but I did a random act of kindness for someone who works at ex-secret company (a friend played messenger for me). She emailed me on Monday to say how this guy got tears in his eyes and couldn't quite believe I'd done this thing for him, and thanks for letting her be a part of it. I said, "this is it. This is what life's all about - making people happy". I believe it :)

So, just for today (if you feel like wishing me a happy birthday), I'd love it if you'd either take a photo of something that makes you think of me and IG it with the hashtag #marciaturns40 so I can find it or tag me @marcia0608 or otherwise just say something really supportive and encouraging to someone. Now I don't have my lovely wifi so I'm not online a lot but I will see it all :)

Have a great day!


  1. Oh I love your list and I will support how and were I can. Lots of love - Happy Bday!

  2. I will support where I can. Happy birthday again! xxx

  3. Happy birthday Marcia. Hope you enjoying your break away. I will join you in making a list of lovely things to do for this next year. I turned 30 on Monday so its a great time to start living intentionally and make sure I get to enjoy the lovely things in life.


    1. Terisha! We had the same idea to celebrate in Ballito - I LOVE IT! If only we could have met up and taken photos at the wall!!!

  4. Love your whole list!!
    That wall is in Braamfontein ;) not Newtown.

  5. Happy Birthday my friend - I trust you've had an AMAZING day! I was actually outside to take a picture of dramatic skies and then it started to rain. I love you but I also need my phone to NOT get wet! Will try again tomorrow.

    ps..LOVE your list. Am reviewing mine slightly - I need to NOT be pushing myself. I need to find my happy i.e. do FUN stuff.

    pps...I ADORE the psalms - will read with you when you're ready.

  6. Happy birthday Marcia.

  7. Happy birthday my dear friend! Isn't it amazing that I'm only just seeing this post but I had put up a picture of the beautiful sunset today and did exactly what you requested - great minds think alike !

    I love doing random acts of kindness. Makes me giddy with joy and usually the recipient is shocked but happy which adds to my joy!

  8. Happy Birthday! Celebrate for the entire month!
    I love the random acts of is a thing I learnt from my Mom...if something good happens in your life, eg birthday, new house, new job, baby born, anniversary...etc, then you should show your thankfulness for your good fortune by doing a kindness to someone else.
    Doing something nice for someone gives such a warm fuzzy feeling, I do not know why we manage to hurt anyone.

  9. Happy Brilliant Birthday... Hope your holiday is totally fab!!!

  10. Thank you everybody for the good wishes - I so appreciate it :)

  11. I love your list. Hope you had a wonderful day.

  12. I had a great day, Lynette - the beach! What can I say?!

  13. We have a Christmas party with our friends every year, we do a gift exchange and the menu is ALWAYS a full on christmas day meal before everyone goes off for the holidays, love it :)


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