Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A hot bath and a Panado

I went for a massage tonight.

I thought it was going to be nice and relaxing, and I'd come home, blog, read and go to bed.

Instead it was super painful.

I'm the person who asks for very light pressure from a massage therapist so you can imagine.


I screamed out a few times, she said, "oh, it's sore" and carried on!!!!

Once I was dressed and came out, the receptionist said to me, "are you okay? she's very worried about you".

(well then, why didn't she go easier???)

They said to take a Panado and have a hot bath tonight otherwise I may be in quite a bit of pain tomorrow.

Just what I wanted from a relaxing evening... not!

So I'm taking her advice after I write another quick blog post.

How was your Heritage Day? Or Wednesday for my US friends?

PS My Instagram's been acting up. When I click post (or whatever), it throws me out completely and of course, loses my post. And only if I reeaaallly want to post will I go back in and retype it all. Also, no wifi in building is cramping my IG style. That and the fact that this is a very normal work environment. No one walks around with their phone looking important (except me - can you believe it? :)) so it just looks weird to be taking photos all the time.... so I sneak into the bathroom and take photos of my clothes.

Anyway, I deleted it this afternoon and reinstalled it so hopefully it will now work. At least the two posts I published didn't throw me out!


  1. Hay friend... that sounds like a hideous "way to relax"... Occasionally instagram plays up like that for me too. I have found if I check for updates and if I turn off my phone and restart it then it goes back to it's normal old instagramming ways, without all the glitches. Wishing you all the best...

  2. I got a massage on Saturday, and it was fantastic! :) I've decided I'm doing that for myself every 6 weeks. It's a splurge...but nothing like it. Sorry you didn't have the relaxing experience, though!

    I couldn't help but think this time...the last time I got a massage was Day 3 of the girls being in school, my last full day of not working. I cried on the table! I was trying to relax before she got started...finding my zen...and tears started streaming down my face.

    Now I was just thankful for the peace and quiet and lack of schedule for an hour. ;)

    Hope you rested well!

  3. Sorry the massage wasn't what you had hoped. My heritage day was lovely, had a braai at my mom's with my sister and the kids (Cliff ditched us for the golf course) but when we got home my kids both went on sleep strike! Took me 1h45mins to get Gemma down for the night with a crying jab about an hour and a half later and Kade... oh Lord who knows WHAT was up with him. He only fell asleep around 01h00!!! I am FINISHED today cos I had been awake since 03h00 yesterday morning with Kade moaning his foot was sore and running a slight temp.

  4. I ask them to go hard hard and have never actually been sore, sorry yours wasn't nice :(

    We had a lovely day yesterday - Camerons team won their soccer league in the morning and then we braai'd with good friends - was perfect

  5. Sorry you had such a rough massage. Wednesday was nice as we had an "out of the norm" mid-week date night to see a comedy show. It was worth the lack of sleep feeling today. I've had the same problem once or twice with IG, but it seems to have stopped now and is working OK.

  6. Jeez, that doesn't sounds pleasant at all! Hope you don't go back there!
    Have you got the latest upgrades for your phone? That may be causing the problems.

  7. It's weird to read how someone are hurt when they get a massage :( Not a nice experience.
    Our Heritage day was good. Spent it with my parents. And yours?

  8. I hate it when they hurt you instead of relax you grrr...and I like it a bit harder so that should tell you that they are just being stupid.

    We had a nice laid back day with the family.

  9. Gosh I think I would have stopped her! After all you want to relax. We had the boys' party so it was busy but great


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