Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A purple winter walk with the little one

One of the most fun things I did with the kids in winter was to take photowalks. When they allowed me (!), I took my camera. After a couple of these, I said one day, "let's look for anything BLUE" and so it was a thing.

One child got to use the pink camera (Sony Cybershot) and the other chose the colour of the day. Or sometimes that child got to do both. Or I chose the colour I wanted to capture (yellow was my idea!).


The point is it sharpens their attention to detail and sometimes they'd notice a lot more than I did (my attention to detail is very good - it's that S :)).


Anyway, this set of photos was taken in August. Kendra and I set out to look for all things purple.

She took photos of every little flower along the one street that we only had time to walk just that street. But she was a happy camper after that so all was well.

my nails happened to match!

My favourite shade of purple is "eggplant purple". What's your favourite shade (if you even like purple)?


  1. Wow, that's quite a lot of purple for one street!

    I like almost all shades of purple.

  2. I like purple... It's a happy colour and looks good.

    That's a good way to also teach kids, I do the same when I walk and look for different themes each time just to make it more exciting


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