Sunday, September 28, 2014

Around here... some horrible books

So the massage place sent me one of those automated feedback forms and I gave my feedback... nicely but I was very clear.

The next morning I happened to look at the pants I was wearing and they had huge oil splotches everywhere, probably from being pushed into that bed with dirty sheets.

Anyway, we'll see if anybody bothers to respond.

{beautiful view top left}

Yesterday we went to the most fabulous party ever. OH MY GOSH, a kids' and big person's heaven! And it wasn't even a venue, it was a private home.

I will write about it some more when I post the photos because they are AMAZING. The views, not necessarily my photos.

I said before that Old Company (OC) had the best views in all of Joburg; well, my God has come through for me because these ones are just as amazing and I'm so taking her up on popping over anytime for photos or reading :)

And not much makes me have house envy but this house did.

"Why do we have to live in a boring flat house?" One with views of.... the house across the street. :)

Also, look at those 67 steps going up to our new building...... which we move into on Friday.... I was POOPED going up and down in the midday heat. I guess I'm staying put during summer and seriously there's no lift or anything. Apparently the owners don't want visitors :) because it feels very visitor-unfriendly to me. I dread to think what's going to happen when the lifts from the parking basement don't work - up 8 or 9 flights with a rolling laptop bag................

D was very helpful with his advice: "keep deodorant in your bag".

The other views are from our divisional MD's office and the open plan section. Alas, my desk doesn't overlook that view.

Also, if you're a fan of Ce.celia's, don't get that book. I felt it was really not worth it at all. I read another terrible one just before that one - also terrible (check my goodreads!). Today I finished one slightly better but nothing to write home about. Here's hoping to FABULOUS reads in October. Sam, I'm starting your birthday book right after I hit publish on this post :)

And last but not least, my 31 days of enough time is all planned out. Til I change the topics on the spur of the moment as I do :)

Please follow along in October on the Organising Blog.

Now what's been going on in your world?
Read any good books lately? ;) (SERIOUSLY!!!!)


  1. I have actually started a list for the 31 day thing - I suck at these challenges so I have set a goal - if I can come up with 31 topics then I will do it - I am on 12 :)

    The stairs will be an awesome way to get to your 10000 steps - I use an app on my phone to track my food and now steps - its not as accurate as the fitbit but I can't get to more than 5000 (and that was yesterday because of the triathalon - so I was walking a lot)

    1. I should write more! It's not the exercise but all the other things - the sweating.... the lugging laptop case..... the sore feet...

      Here's to the next 19 - eek!

    2. PS yesterday I didn't even make it to 4000 steps because I was sitting in church, and then reading.... and then sitting at the computer. Result = to-do list 95% done but no steps.

  2. Oh now I know exactly where your office is! And I love her books in general - will skip this one. Seem to me you need a bookclub with good books? I totally loved "The woman who stayed in bed for a year " recently. And I take it you have read "The fault in our stars", "me before you", "The hundered year old man..."

  3. Deodorant is one thing I have to buy to take to my new office!!! ;)

    And I have a nasty book post to write, too...I have been surprised by about 4 of the last 10 fiction books I've read that have some kind of underlying "twin" theme. And it's usually not pleasant. There should be a warning label for multiple mamas! Seriously!!! I don't want to read that garbage!!! Perhaps that's what I get for shopping the bargain bin (but I love the thrill of the hunt!). ;)

    Can't wait to see your pics!

  4. Gosh. You're going to be so fit with all that stair climbing! Have never read a Cecelia book. Am about to start The Fault in our stars. No 31 days here. I can't come up with a topic!

  5. I went for a charity event a few weeks and I developed garden envy! Gosh I was shocked to find out it was a private house ... Love love love! Can't wait to see your pictures!

    67 stairs down would be fun but up . I wouldn't want to have to do that everyday.

    What is 31 days ?


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