Sunday, September 14, 2014

Around here

I figured I ought to try to keep the photos somewhat current at least once a week, so this is it :)

This weekend I....

 - drank LOTS of water. I drank at least 3 X 800 ml bottles every day. I've just had my first mug of tea for the WEEKEND. Right there is a miracle.

- made lots of these. Dare I say I'm now tired of them? Actually I'm not tired of them; I just did too many at one time after a whole morning of Santa Shoeboxing.

 - organised kids' clothes. They are both sorted for summer and we decluttered a whole basket full of clothes. I also made sets of clothes for the week.

- I'm losing my excitement for the capsule wardrobe because the whole counting thing is doing my head in. 54 work pieces and 60-something casual things, besides shoes, bags and scarves..... did anyone else count?
 - finally took photos of the Santa Shoebox contents so I could seal them up and tidy my study. Enjoyed the process a lot more this year as I limited the boxes but made each one a bit more meaningful :)

The Bambanani girls might recognise the second box - my gift from my friend A was in this box (I cut off about 5 cm and then it was the perfect size)
I also took photos of my new (very expensive) castanets. It still KILLS me how expensive things are 22 years later. I'm getting old... also my arm is too short (this pic with the 50 mm). However, aren't they beautiful? The kids keep asking me to play :)

I also did filing. I prefer to only do it once a year but I was inundated with work papers due to leaving.... and entering the job force so it came 3 months early this year. This is my nearly 8 cm pile.

And last, but not least, I've been wearing this colour for a week. It was an impulse buy at Clicks. It's called Mint Tropics from the Sinful Colours range and is R27,95. I went back and forth in my mind because I have about 5 green shades already but I'm so glad I got it. You know how a colour can look so good but is just wrong for your skin tone? Well, this one is just perfect for my skin.

Also I did the base coat first and that is how it lasted a week! Base - two coats, and I only added a top coat on Thurs when one nail (I call it my Sellotape nail) chipped a tiny bit.

What's happening around your parts?
Are you enjoying the heat? Or cold?


  1. I VERY nearly send you covers for your birthday but looking at the size of those, my prototypes are waaaaaaay too small. I may have used the kids castanets as a model...

    We are welcoming in the cold! I love fall! There's talk of a terrible winter and I'm so excited! I have banana bread in the oven now and we started to pull out the winter clothes. A first for the ladies, we've found a new store (that I loved) that just sizes clothes way to large and loose for my petite ladies. :( Now to find time to take them all back, gah!

    1. Castanet Covers? OH I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH!

  2. Your boxes are looking great - well done!

    I am LOVING the warmer weather. Things are heating up at secret place...I am watching developments with great interest. ;-)

    1. LOL I think of you with this "spring" weather.

  3. We've been dealing with sickness AGAIN. I've been trying to run consistently. Just living life I guess!


  4. You have been super busy. Just the idea of counting my clothing does my head I am not going to even go there.

  5. Love your boxes and my those castanets are beautiful. And I am not even going to go near the capsule wardrobe but I am going to note what I wear and how I combine things.

  6. Lovely productive weekend you had. Right now there's a cold front coming so I'm bracing for that. Also trying to keep the lurgies at bay - the weather change seems to wreak havoc with that! I still haven't registered for SSB! Eish. Must do ASAP.

  7. I love the nailpolish! I'm rocking a purplish-grey as fall is coming here. I have to touch them up already as they chipped very quickly, ugh! On the capsule wardrobe thing, don't do the counting. I think what I'm interested in doing is understanding what are the basics I wear and then I can cull the other items out of the wardrobe that I don't wear.


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