Monday, September 01, 2014

Come on, ladies, we can't let the Slaapstad girls beat us!

So... my friend Julia belongs to a monthly craft meet-up in Cape Town. They call it Let's get crafty.

I interrogated her quite a bit about how they do this thing and I really just want to steal the idea completely and run with it exactly as is! 
  1. They are about 8 - 10 ladies. 
  2. They meet at a central location (one person's house) on a set day every month. I think it's the second Tuesday of every month.
  3. Each person gets a chance to provide supper so there is no paying of monies, etc (LOVE THIS IDEA). There is a roster. They keep it fairly straightforward - supper and dessert.
  4. Everyone does whatever the heck they want - there is no set craft for the month. I love this idea because I would personally only go to the stuff that interested me.
  5. There is knitting, crocheting, vision boarding, photo editing (photo editing!!!), messing around in photoshop, scrapbooking, Project Life could be done, card-making, etc. There was even a lady who used one night to sort out Facebook and Pinterest. LOVE.

So, let's do this. Each of us has a creative side. If not, you've all got photos to sort out.

Seriously, we can't let the Cape Town gang get their As into G and we can't do it!

I asked about something similar a few years ago, there was basically no interest and I got disillusioned.

So I'm asking again.

Please just tell me if you're interested (no commitment for now, just interest), if you are keen on hosting at least one meet-up and where you live. Maybe we need two groups - one in Jhb and one in Pta?

I will organise it all.

This is on my lovely things list so I want to do at least one.

I want you there, even if you say you're not creative...

And now, my Project Life for April, May and June!

Monthly layouts are the best!

Not to rub it in or anything but if you're behind on your Project Life, join for a couple of the group meetings and you'll be up to date in no time :)

Now who's in?

Who's still doing Project Life?


  1. Slaapstad... I cannot possibly think what that means!!!

  2. I want to have a craft night here! Something very therapeutic about getting together with friends and concentrating on something! :)

  3. I am keen, Marcia

  4. I am for Pretoria! And I am slowly catching up on Project Life - but doing it as the week looks - some weeks have muliple sheets, some just one

    1. But not Tuesday nights though. Any other week night.

    2. I can do Pretoria...I tried to find something like this a while ago, but there was no one interested. So at least there are two of us cat.

  5. I am keen but I can't do week nights - it is just a logistical nightmare with Cam swimming now and with Santa Shoebox in full swing - I am happy to travel to JHB if its on a Saturday.

  6. I am keen. I live around the Bedfordview/Edenvale area. It's a wonderful idea. Love that album colour!

  7. I am keen, would need to plan in advance but am keen.


  8. I am keen but only if it's not too far too travel. I don't like driving at night on my own. An evening would be best for me, but preferably Thur/Frid/Sat.

  9. Cool! I will send out an email soon with some ideas for options.

  10. As I told you before, count me in.. but don't count on me to craft! I'm in Midrand!


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