Friday, September 19, 2014

{Friendship Friday} The Bambanani gang :)

Nearly two months ago I thought it might be a nice idea to have the original Bambanani gang meet up again.

Here's the post from when we met up two years ago on 15 April 2012!

This time it was the end of winter and that day was not too bad actually.

Onto the pics... because I have some photos to sort out.

my D

why do I get such a kick out of this sign?!

check out the look!

I had to jazz this one up a bit


I sneaked a photo...

taking photos of one another - I LOVE THIS ONE!


Louisa's drink

my friend A joined right at the end for a cup of tea
And that was that.

This is the first week in September that I've had ZERO friend dates... :o Both of the previous weeks I had two friend dates.

If we were sitting having a cup of tea, I'd ask you, "so, how are you doing? what's going on in your life? Tell me everything!"

Let's pretend we're having tea.

Tell me everything!
PS is the internet dead? I have like zero views or comments on my posts :(


  1. I've been running around like a lunatic all week so you don't want to know what my feed looks like!

    Secret place is full of upcoming surprises. FULL. My study course has finally been paid by HR, so next week I'll receive my material and there goes all my free time till December...but it will be worth it I hope. ;-)

    1. yay for the course being paid. Now wait, I thought the course was a full-time one-week thing. Not a Sept - Dec thing?

  2. Mmmm....EVERYTHING? I may as well write a post then?

    Internet is not dead. I am just kind of not in the mood for it these days. Is that good or bad?

    1. Maybe everyone feels the same?

  3. Too much to type out but chalk it up to many trips to the doctors for EVERYONE in my little family, too much money spent on medicine that doesn't seem to be working the way it should, lots of pressure to HIT NUMBERS at work and not enough exercise or sleep happening...

  4. Just lots of busy here - always a crazy time of the year. And we were without power for two days followed by no ADSL for another 5!

  5. It was just so much fun to be in your ladies company again. My girl also could not stop talking about it :)


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