Saturday, September 20, 2014

It's pouring with rain... obviously I feel the need to post beautiful beach photos from Ballito! First rains of the season :)

I'm taking a quick break from my #getitdonedaywithmarcia (something I host for my Live Organised Community members). We make a list of things we need/ want to get done and this one day a month is dedicated to those things. It's actually DIVINE because I save up those nagging projects and pop them out.

Already done today - sorting the kids junk (boxes full of nonsense - random brochures, broken buttons, rocks, etc.), sorting the arts and crafts supplies and tossing out things that are dry, etc. (I tell you, NO one does this if I don't), getting a birthday present ready for next weekend, my two pyjama drawers (you have two, right?).

I've just started work clothes and then I have to go through those millions of notebooks the kids seem to accumulate, and then I'm relaxing while I organise August photos.

Anyway, Ballito photos.

These are from our first full day. I took a few photos on day 1 but they don't want to upload for some strange reason.


eager kids

work happening RIGHT above our flat from about 8 - 12 every day. One way to get me up.

D trying to be polite to a vendor


Fitbit for the win!

chipped nail polish - I did a new colour that same evening


view from my spot on the sand
I also finished reading a very disappointing book today. Glad it's done but annoyed, so I've already started a Cecilia Ahern to try and make up.

What did you get up to today?


  1. I would love to pyjama draws! I love PJs :)

    We didn't do much. Soccer and then chilled at home

  2. Ha. No special pj drawers in these parts. Yesterday was knitting date. Today was errands and some household catch up.

  3. I love these photo's. I have 4 pajama drawers *blushing*. But I live pajama's when I am home. So that's my excuse for having so many. This post is a reminder that I should sort out my craft stuff and toss all the old dried up stuff. I haven't done that for years!!!

  4. Always too busy as always .... My closet is open plan so no speacial space for PJs even though they are all put together in one space with a few other items

  5. My Saturday was spent celebrating with my niece. She turned 13 yesterday and we had her party on Saturday. Good quality times with my family so I was happy.


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