Friday, September 26, 2014

Life in South Africa and some {really great} reading for the weekend

This is my 15th "some reading for the weekend" post - amazing since I only do them once a month!

Anyway, I've got some good ones for you today.... and I constrained myself to only share 7 links!
1. I could have written this post....because this is one of my tricks too :)
4. I seriously LOVE this idea. When can we start?
5. It turns out I love the Bored Housewife type of books. What about you?
6. 10 career lessons from my favourite new (to me) blog, Cup of Jo

On one of our recent walks, I noticed that Connor was a teensy bit obsessed by electric fences. He talks about all the different types, etc, etc. (I just like flowers peeking out from amongst them...)

It then occured to me that this is probably not normal for kids outside of South Africa.
What kind of (normal to you) things are your kids obsessed with?


Which is your favourite link?


  1. Nicola is obsessed with children's homes and more specifically where are their parents. I've steered clear of the ones who just abandon but she's very concerned about what would happen to her if I died or got arrested for something...which leads to her other obsession, a deep mistrust of police in general.

    I'm not doing anything worth getting arrested for in case you were wondering, and I'm sure she'll settle on being thankful that she does have a family who looks after her, unlike so many kids who don't.

    1. She probably comes by that mistrust honestly *ahem* :)

      And no, I definitely don't think you're doing anything arrest-worthy!


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