Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Look for the light... and going back

I'm also getting a teensy bit obsessed by ugly electricity boxes (what are these things called?)

ooooh, I do love chipped paint!

The thing that most struck me when I was looking through these photos was the light.

We went for this walk a little earlier than we normally do because I didn't feel like walking in the cold later :) and I was amazed at how different everything looked - bright and vibrant, not faded and cold.

It's also interesting how, when you put on a different perspective, how your life can also look different.

I think I mentioned once how my ex-colleague who cried solid, every day for the first 5 months in that job, went back to our ex-team.

Well, I told her I think she's absolutely mad. Another ex-colleague of ours told her exactly the same thing.

Recently we had a conversation about it again now that she's back there, working, and nothing's changed (of course) but she said she's not as miserable because at least she's in the same city. At the other job she was working in other random places around the country. I think she said it was 4 months solid of M - F travel.

Which was interesting to me because her perspective of the job changed and it's more palatable to her this time around.

I want to make something quite clear just in case it wasn't clear before - I am most certainly not mad and I will never, ever go back to that kind of work. EVER :)

What would make you go back to an old job you hated?


  1. Love the water/electricity meter photo and the one of Connor peeping thru the leaves? AMAZING. He has the most beautiful, soulful eyes. Actually both of them do.

    I would never go back to a job I hated. Firstly I left there FOR A REASON and things undoubtedly would not change so why would I put myself through that? Nope, nope, nope.


  2. No I wouldnt go back! EVER!

  3. I would never go back to a job I hated either. I have one of those in my past and I'm sure I will never go back!

  4. When I close a door, it stays closeď!


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