Tuesday, September 02, 2014

{Lovely things to do this year} Two things off my list

Well, you know what my favourite time of the month is... but since the last day of August was wifi-less, I did my thorough goals review this afternoon. I did the business version earlier so I could do my post on the organising blog.

Overall, I got 86% which is a bit lower than I normally get, but is understandable considering I was out and about a lot more, plus the holiday away.

My average for the year is still 90% so I'm happy.

The obvious highlight was my birthday lunch and 5 days away! I thoroughly recommend it. Thoroughly.

I counted and we've now been on holidays away from home for 20 days of the year. I love it!

SUCH a difference to last year's birthday when I was hauled over the coals for not doing something I didn't even know I was supposed to be doing. Thankfully, a friend INSISTED that I still come out for a tea and cake. I needed the breath of fresh air and normalcy to save the day!

BTW, my one work colleague who left last year went back to that crazy team. I told her she is MAD! I would NEVER do that to my mental health again. Never.

Moving on.

The fitbit.

Daily steps are supposed to be 10 000. I hit that maybe twice a month.

So I decided to approach this as I do every goal - SMALL steps :) (pun totally intended)

I made a goal in August of 5 500 steps on average in a day. So some days I got to the 7 - 9 000 range, and other days, when I was very productive at my desk, I got 4 000 steps in.

My daily average for August was 5 769. My July average was 5 611. My June average was 4 628. So I'm getting better.

For September my goal is a daily average of 6 500.

Aside from the fitbit goal, I have a few others:

  • Arrange this creative meet-up thing...
  • Get a new cell phone contract
  • Do all my filing
  • Finish the root canal (I went for part 2 of 3 today - it is torturous. Next time I'm taking a calmette and some headphones so I don't hear the "sanding" or whatever you call it. I had gooseflesh all over my arms.)
  • Sign up with a personal trainer
And last but not least, the two things off my lovely things list (it has 24 in total) that I was able to cross off?
  1. Finish August Break 2014
  2. Get a wonderful, new job.

Yes, friends, I kind-of fell into a job. I really like the people, the company, the building, not so much the location yet, the money, the leave, the work (!!!). I checked my offer against the list I prayed over. All boxes ticked. I checked against my list of core desired feelings. Again, all boxes ticked. Turns out when you get clear and specific, God can do things really quickly. Who knew?!

This won't surprise some of you but I got REALLY excited at the free money (money the company contributes towards a provident fund / 401K). I love free money!

So I start on Monday.

I'm slightly apprehensive in case things go pear-shaped like before, but this time, I'm not putting up with nonsense.

Even K said to me, "Mummy, when you start your new job, will you please make sure your boss doesn't make you cry?"


They remember EVERYTHING.

The new boss phoned me the minute my signed offer landed on his desk - he was so excited, etc.

So back to work it is!

What's news on your side of the world?


  1. Woohoo!! So thrilled for you :) hoping that it's all you think it'll be

  2. Congratulations on that job! Ha!!! Poor K she doesn't want mommy to be sad!

  3. Oh that is brilliant news - thrilled for you... And I love how sweet your babies are to you, it is just precious!!!

  4. Best of luck - I am 100% sure you are going to love it. And yes, maybe I need to pray more specific - write the points down.

  5. Congratulations! So great that you got to have a nice rest in between jobs and that you got to decide on exactly what you wanted in a job and that you got just that!!

  6. :) good luck with the new job. Love all the photos on today's post... so much color for a dreary, rainy day

  7. Congrats on the new job. Love the last photo.

  8. Congratulations on the new job! I do think that when you are clear about what you are looking for, the right opportunity will come along. Good luck and have lots of fun!

  9. Thank you everybody!

    I also love that crayons photo - it was taken in Ballito last year Jan... on a grey, rainy day. Proof that grey days are excellent for photos :)

  10. Congratulations!!!

  11. I wish I could say I'm surprised but God! So happy and excited for you.


  12. Congrats on the new job! :-)

  13. Congratulations, I am SO HAPPY for you! You will SHINE at the new company!!!


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