Monday, September 22, 2014

My 40th birthday... in photos


Which is your favourite?


  1. You're so artistic. Stunning pics.

    1. And you are so generous with encouraging feedback. Thank you, Heather!

  2. Love the yellow flower...those things will not be prescribed to on where they should want to grow.

  3. That yellow flower! And the lock! You've definitely got an eye for the extraordinary!


  4. Your photographs are beautiful, how clever of you to capture the moment. I completely forgot to take a single photograph on mine, but I did totally step out of my skin and ask a couple of friends over for coffee... an actual first!!!

  5. OMG! How would I pick! I love the pic of you with the kids. I also love the first pic. It looks like K is kissing C on the head, v. sweet! And I love the last pic of you with the camera. BTW, I'm wearing a grey t-shirt today under a black sweater with jeans and my comfy clogs (they are from Dansko which has it's headquarters in our town they are a nationally known walking shoe company, not sure about international?). It's also a really grey, dreary day here today. You'd love it all!

  6. That looks like the perfect birthday


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