Tuesday, September 09, 2014

New washi project - washi tape pencil bags

A few weeks ago I was mindlessly blog surfing when I saw a cute idea.

Basically, the woman took a normal ziploc bag and duct taped the whole thing front and back and made it into a little bag... for whatever. I think she had handbag stuff in hers.

I jumped up from my desk there and then and made a little bag with the narrow ziplocs and that lovely black and white tape you gave me in Charlotte, MandyE.

It was nice, but not ultra cute.

Last night I thought about turning these zip-type bags I found at Westpack ages ago... into pencil bags for my santa shoeboxes.

So I whipped up two quickly...with washi tape.

They look much cuter than the picture below would lead you to believe. In my defence it was night-time and Connor'd been playing with my phone so my photos were all slightly tinted.

However the other photos are good. I want to make some more with some of this tape from Artsyville. (Post not sponsored; I love Aimee's stuff) I'll post another photo when I make some more :)

Have you made anything from washi tape recently?

It's Santa Shoebox time!

The website frustrated me for days on end, as did the new registration process but finally, I was on... and I signed up for my 4 kids - 1 for each of us.

I already started assembling and my study is a huge mess... but I now have my updated shopping list and we'll do their clothes shopping this weekend.

By the way, what kind of books do 12-year-old kids read?


  1. I'm currently using washi on brown paper snack bags for school. I just picked up 14 rolls so it doesn't seem so wasteful. :)

  2. Marcia - can I use this to share as a Santa Shoebox idea? Please please - it is such a great idea!

    We have LOADS of ziploc bags that were sponsored and I have piles of washi tape collecting dust so I am going to do this for the "extra" boxes!

  3. I missed the question I was so excited to share the pencil case - Cameron loves spy/action books. He enjoyed the Young James Bond Series and Percy Jackson series (Rick Riordan) - he really loves these. Also authors James Phelan and Gordon Korman.

  4. Won't you please email me the picture? I can't see it so well? I recently made washi cards! 12 year olds are complicated and like adults, have their own tastes. Joshua like sci fi and fantasy so he's into the Percy Jackson etc.
    Kids that age may also like Spud (it's a series) or Diary of a Wimpy kid which is also a series.
    I haven't registered yet - have neither the time nor the patience to deal with the website - think I will try this weekend.

    1. Done! I wanted to make another one and take pictures in the light when I got home but...heat headache!

  5. I just love that washi tape and the pencil case idea! You have made me love washi tape! And it's so easy to make quick crafty things with. Not that I do it very often but I enjoy making Birthday cards.

    Where can I buy printed washi tape here? I found plain tape at Mr P Home but haven't seen any printed ones. And I am not going to order online. Sorry M!

    1. Caren, I will email you a pic - I bought a set of 3 printed pink rolls at Mr P Home (but only at the ginormous stores, not standard Mr P Home) for R70. Also I saw rolls of washi tape at Woolies, with the gift bags, ribbon and such. Except they had no prices and I was rushing so no time to wait for someone to check.

    2. Caren I have bought online from both Washitape SA and Pink Peony with great success. Typo always have a few rolls

    3. Correction - paper peony: but I see her shop is closed until January 2015 . Try: Cotton Candi (will you give it through to her Marcia

  6. That tape is SO CUTE!
    My daughter is 12, she is currently reading the Series of Unfortunate Events- there's 13 of them. I read them awhile back, when Ethan was about that age and reading them, they were good.


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