Monday, September 29, 2014

Photography with children and this month's Snapshots theme

Just a quick reminder that we're moving Saturday Snapshots to the FIRST Saturday of the month. That's this Saturday, the 4th.

Our theme is patterns.

This is such a fun topic - I do hope you'll play along. In fact, I think I have enough for two posts!

I'm SO enjoying taking photos WITH the kids.

Maybe I should write a post? Or an ebook?

Because it's like I can see their little minds open up and take in the world first, because of the camera, and second, because they're learnt to look for details, etc.

Such fun!


We've also decided which streets are horrible in the neighbourhood - either because there are too many crazy dogs or there is literally nothing exciting like a tree or interesting wall, etc.

In Joburg, everybody has 6-ft walls so at least the wall, or the number or a tree poking out has to be mildly exciting for us.

The kids love to take photos with this Sony Cybershot, and with my camera, which I happily hand over on 3 conditions:
  1. I get to take photos of them first
  2. They stand with feet firmly planted on the ground - no fancy footwork
  3. They hold the camera with two hands and the strap around their neck.
How easy is it for you to hand over your camera?

PS I know I've said it for years now but I really think THIS year is the year I'll buy them their own cameras for Christmas.


  1. Patterns !! I have to start getting prepared.

    Love love love the pictures of C with the camera. I think at this age a camera for Christmas is perfect, especially since they love taking pictures

    Ha ha ha ha good to know I'm not the only one who notices things when I'm walking and stops taking certain routes because thry are dull and boring and nothing interesting to catch my fancy

    1. Absolutely - those streets are "useless for walking" :)

      If you see specials, let me know!

  2. Not very easy...probably because it's my phone and I know how much a new screen costs! I have been toying with the idea of getting N a camera too, but I don't think she's ready for that quite yet.

    The crazy agro dogs is exactly why we keep our walks to parks. I am terrified one gets out and I can't protect N & P.

    1. Louisa, I'm also way more careful with my iphone!!! Precisely for that reason! I don't allow them to play with it at all unless I'm right there to catch it... and that's only in the house on carpet.

  3. I actually have to get my ind around it totally to hand them the camera - but I do it more easily of course with the 9 year old. Now that I have a new one it is even more difficult for me. I really have to take the small camera out more.

    And lo and behold I am going to try my best to participate.

    1. Try it! You'll be surprised at the gems you get. Also, it's the only way other than selfies with D's long arm that we get any photos of us (this, in itself, is a good reason to hand over the camera)


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