Saturday, September 06, 2014

Snapshot Saturday - the green version.. and a perfect day

Okay, this weekly thing is not doing it for me!

But since I committed before, let's do this.

I think we might have to do it once a month or so, that's if anyone is interested (Mrs FF? Mandy?)

okay, I love this one - my favourite apples against my favourite blue cupboard :)

Robyn, this was taken at Liam's party

ex-work campus!!!!

Which is your favourite?

Today we went to gym and then I had a last-minute friend date. It was SOOO nice. She does that class with me and asked me for a tea months ago but I was doing Spanish exams and then she was away for a month, and so on.

She whatsapped me to check if I'd be available this morning, and I was, so we had tea and a muffin after class and chatted non-stop for 100 minutes! I even got into trouble with Club V for leaving the kids longer than an hour!

However, FREE babysitting (kind-of... I pay R79 for the first child and R70 for the second every month... we go every week. Practically free!) so we're going to be doing it regularly :)

Then I attacked that cottage because apparently no-one in this house does a thing unless I say so.... grrr.... and I stuck post-its on the wall so things can be packed back in their place. If it was a remotely clean area, I'd take pics and show you ... but it's really not. It is organised though.

And then I napped for about 2 hours after getting stuck into a new book (Sophie Kinsella). Just for kicks when I woke, I organised the kids' clothes to make way for the 27 - 29 degree weather we're having this week. This is the first organising session ... I'll do another one in about 4 weeks when it's properly warm.

This is a perfect day for me - lots of productivity, lots of relaxing and some socialising :)

What did you get up to today?


  1. Slightly broader prompt, monthly! I'm in!

    I'm loving that apple. Did you not take Nester to heart? You need to share your messes to be true friends- MWHAHAHAHA! Pony up!
    My only accomplishments today were registering the ladies for dance (so not my choice) and writing out my Honey-Do list. This working really stands in the way of my free time. :P

    1. I will send you a pic! MandyE would be horrified 😮

  2. We had a birthday lunch for my SIL at my parents' house. Her brother and his family came too...I get on well with him and his wife...he brought along his adopted dad and his adopted dad's new adopted son...the kid has some serious issues. He's 7. After someone gave him an earful for not listening he intentionally went to the loo, pooped on the carpet and peed against all the walls! Apparently not a new tactic for him because my SIL specifically went to check the state of the bathroom after he was in there and found it like that...then she made him clean it (what could be cleaned...he had used his hands to do poop art and write nasty things on the carpets so they couldn't be easily cleaned.

    Do you know, I walked past while all this was happening (unaware of course) and he was singing full volume in there...obviously enjoying himself.

    So glad that kid is not my responsibility...I don't even know where you'd start addressing behaviour like that!

    1. Oh my word!!! Did your parents freak out? I would have!

  3. Our club V keeps them for two hours - not that I have ever left them there for that but I have been tempted with Emma!

    We had a great day yesterday - I went to a baby sense seminar, Cam had soccer, then we had a family photo shoot and then a kids party - everything just worked, we got to where we all needed to be on time, the kids behaved - it was a good day

    1. I am sure I'm going to start using up those 2 hours more regularly....

  4. One hour!!! I've been to 4 different gyms and it's all 2 hours.

    First this heat is killing me!!!!!! My nose has been on "fire" see why I hate summer and it is not even yet summer.

    The pictures are stunning. I can't even pick a favourite. I will post later though I have to figure out how to reduce the picture size when posting from my phone.

    Once a month is fine so we can keep up and not get bored. Thanks for doing this, I love it.

    Yesterday I did my usual morning walk, went to the grace factory event (and Yay me I won a R500 naartjie gift voucher) then met up with a friend for a late lunch!

    1. Our Club also has a 2-hour slot but you guys, I actually went to gym too besides just the socialising... so it was over 2 hours!

  5. Sounds like the perfect day! We had horse riding, A had ballet course (pre exam) and then we spent some time with my mom and a lovely impromptu visit with a friend and her boys at their home. Early to bed.

    And a montly prompt with lots of pre notice and I may get myself time to actually find pics and join

  6. You know what I did on Saturday!!!

  7. Well my Saturday was spent being as sick as a dog and looking after a feverish Kade. Not the funnest day ever.


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