Sunday, September 07, 2014

So, tomorrow.

Well, here I stand on the cusp of a new adventure.

I'll have to write more about the emotional stuff another day... or not.

Meanwhile, my lunch bag is packed, my work bag is packed with a new notebook and a pencil bag with all my lovely gel pens, and I also have my miscellaneous bag with a favourite mug, photo frame and water bottle. I've purposely left my ipad at home in an effort to fully engage from the get-go.

Tonight I said to Kendra, "I'm going to miss being with you during the afternoon." And she said, "me too, Mummy, but don't worry, we'll meet up in the evenings". Such a sweet girl!

In other news, my contract with Cell C ended today and they cut me off straight away despite me having over 90 minutes and over 1 GB of data.

Since I don't want to give them a cent more than necessary, I've only topped up with R30 in case of the odd emergency phone call (like I'm stuck in traffic - ha ha - on my first day!) and will use my wifi for internet when I get home, so if you don't hear from me, that's why.

It will be a novel experience being offline during the day but I can do it!!!

Vodacom told me I'll be up and running on Wednesday, and I'm sure I can survive til then, right?

How was your Sunday?


  1. Best of luck and God's guidance...

  2. Good luck! Go get 'em tiger! ;-)

  3. LOL I just whatsapped you before I read the actual post :)

    Thinking of you today xx

  4. Hahaha I also just Whatsapp'ed you! Hope you're having the BEST first day ever.


  5. Good luck with the job!

  6. OMG! No cell phone service until Wednesday! The travesty!

  7. Heather, you joke but it is a travesty :)


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