Friday, September 05, 2014

Surprising things about parenting around the world

I stumbled upon A cup of Jo recently because of one of her parenting around the world posts.

Be prepared to be a bit OCD like me and read ALL the surprising things about being a parent in Turkey and .... many other countries.

And if you're curious (again, like me), you'll even read some of the comments on each.

Enjoy - you are very welcome.

Which was your favourite post?

Best comments - England!
Place I now want to visit - Istanbul


  1. Wow, very interesting!
    I wonder what people would think parenting in SA is like?

    1. I know! There are 13 of those posts - this is series 1. I can't WAIT til the next series starts :)

  2. Oh I love a Cup of Jo and her parenting around the world posts... just a fab read to look forward too!!!

  3. Love love love it!! I spent over an hour reading the posts and the comments. I even read about Parenting in Congo and now I've added a cup of jo to reader.
    Thank you!

    Oh Dear!!! What surprised me the continuous baby touching and waiters agreeing to hold the baby! Paranoid me would think said waiter wants to away with my baby :) :) but everything else I'm so used to it is the same back home

  4. Off to read now. Istanbul is a wonderful, multi cultural and viby place - also though one of the dirtiest places I have ever been to (we were there in winter- the air pollution was scary!). The art and architecture is amazing and the food, oh the food! Spent a very happy 10 days in Turkey years ago (about 7 of them in Istanbul) - and still remember it fondly. BTW one of my Varsity friends went to do a masters in Islamic Architecture there - fell in love and got married there to a wonderful (Christian Turkish) man and have a little boy.

  5. OH MY WORD, sucked in by the posts on parenting all over the world, awesome!


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