Friday, September 12, 2014

That's the first week

I'm not going to do an update every week. In fact, I want to stop talking about work for a bit.

I will, however, be writing about things that go through my head triggered by work but are part of a bigger thought pattern...

Seen in Ballito

  1. I've done mostly nothing this week which, in my view, is as it should be in your first week :)
  2. I've been at least 10 minutes early every day (unheard of).
  3. D and I travel together some days - it's nice because hello, no driving, but not nice because I walk to his offices afterwards and drivers in Jhb do not care whether that light is green for pedestrians so I'm praying and going "OH MY GOD! I"M GOING TO DIE" at every traffic light. That's a teensy bit stressful. The alternative is worse - I hate waiting around - it feels too out of control for me (story of my life).
  4. I've already had two friend dates this week - yay and double yay!
  5. They ban blogs (the nerve :)) so I can't read anything which is probably good. I have been occupying myself writing articles and organising blogs when I've had free time - 6 blogs this week.
  6. The wi-fi is very weak and my new package is small (turns out I don't get that extra 1GB since I didn't take a proper package - I still have my iphone 4S) so I'm being vigilant about the social media. This is ALL good.
  7. I've been making note of what I wear for my "pretend" work capsule wardrobe and taking sneaky bathroom selfies which are all horrible and I would never post them. I just take them to remind me.

The truth is I'm going to be a little bit cautious about any new job for the next few months. I think that's quite normal, isn't it?

So how's your week been?

(oh, and of course I am literally dying of the heat. But I'm not complaining, at least not until the rains come and we have even worse traffic than normal)


  1. YAY for good first week. Think of the walk as getting some good exercise daily and you get to spend more time with D from driving together!!!

    I'm dreading the summer heat if this is what spring has to offer!!!

    If the wifi is "Always on" I will be shocked if you can do anything it's the same one at the the mall closeby and the airport and to say it is useless is an understatement!!

    Data on the red network is quite expensive! Guess I got spoilt with BB

  2. Everything is blocked from my work too. It really eats your data when your phone is your only access, but oh well *shrug*, I'm used to it now.

    Sounds like a normal first week to me. I'm sure you'll settle in soon. :-)

  3. I missed out on you retuning to the job market. Glad you had a good first week.

  4. I think I would die. I've become far too connected and sadly the ladies have only been back in school for two weeks.
    P.S. I've started counting me wardrobe three times, and only made it through 2 drawers before I stopped. HA!

  5. Yay for a good first week! My employer also blocks off all the blogs and sm. I can't even pinterest! or go into feedly. So much nerve they have!

  6. I am loving the heat - which a friend of mine pointed out is strange since I moaned about it so much last year when I was pregnant.But I am loving it - we can be outside, swim etc etc.

    Glad the first week went well.

  7. Glad the first week went so well and yes it is perfectly normal to be reserved after the purple debacle!

    I am LOVING the warmer weather. Kids can be OUTSIDE, I can run later cos the sun is up later - wonderful!


  8. Of course you know I love the heat! And seems like you are doing well. I think I am going to copy you on those pictures - take one every day to figure out what I wear and when! Superb idea

  9. Oh I loved it when B and I travelled together! So awesome! I know what you mean about the drivers! Remember when I walked to the shops with the kids, I was so nervous to cross the big intersections with them because people have no regard for the rules of the road! Glad week one was ok!

  10. Yes, I'm still in the cautious mode with my new job. I'm also keeping track of what I'm wearing, with the thought that I can understand what my capsule wardrobe is. I do need to work on getting to work earlier and it would also help if everyone would get healthy. Even I didn't feel too good last night and went to bed early (9PM!).


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