Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The sunset on super moon day

I didn't even know it was super moon or whatever, til afterwards when I saw some photos on Instagram.

Nevertheless, the SUNSET was SUPERB that evening. I gasped about 10 times!

People, these are unedited! Except for cropping weird bits out as they're taken in my back garden.


Did you only bother with the moon, or did you take photos of the sunset too?


  1. Those are all stunning...especially love the ones through your window, with the light catching the glassware. Beautiful!!!

    1. Thank you! That's in the kids' room - it gets the best view of the sunsets. It's also where I usually have the gasping moments, and then I run to get my camera, and then I run outside!!!

  2. Beautiful!'s it going at your new secret place?

  3. Beautiful photos Marcia. Sorry I have been MIA...been very busy at work and had no energy to still read blogs.

  4. I ADORE these. So very beautiful. I have taken one sunset in my entire life - it just never works out because I am usually driving. Also. I have tried numerous times to capture the full moon and I can just NEVER get it completely right. Must keep trying!


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