Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Things I'm loving right now

Guys, I'm not getting enough sleep because I totally lost my good habits from last week (prepare lunch bag while assembling supper and set out clothes). A couple of nights now I realise at 11 pm that I haven't done that so there's a mad scramble and that messes up my reading time and so it's been less than 7 hours.

That's got to stop!

However, let me tell you what I'm loving right now:

my castanets (oh, they are a dream to play) - I'm still not telling you what they cost because it feels very wasteful for something I use once a week for 5 - 10 minutes.

this girl's silliness (they're figuring out jokes!), her tight hugs, her "you're the best mummy in the world" when I say "I love you, Baby, you're the best little girl in the whole world" and also how she ADORES summer (she wants to wear dresses all the time and I have to tell her she has to wear shorts underneath because I don't want people looking - do your girls wear shorts under dresses?).

This child dresses S L O W L Y. I age waiting for her (honestly) but the other day when I asked her if she wanted to wear flipflops, she ran into the house, changed into flip flops and was back outside in probably 15 seconds flat! Nanny S and I both laughed so hard.

Granny Smith apples - to be fair, I've never stopped loving them - but really, biting into a tart, juicy apple is a joy unto itself.

My new water bottle. It's an 800 ml blue bottle I bought at Clicks for R35 and it's perfect. It fits in the car exactly right - no movement when I squeeze it into the door slot. I tote this thing around everywhere (they even commented on it in the final interview a few weeks ago).

Speaking of blue, this bowl. And its friend, the green one. They are so un-Marcia - I generally don't like dishes with grooves where food can get stuck. Mr P Home in case you want a couple :)

This boy! He is in the sweet spot (should I be writing that on a blog?!) of 5 perfection. He is loving and kind and becoming a good listener. And best? He loves spending time with me. In the mornings we race to see who can get dressed first (he wins most mornings except Saturdays when I'm a MACHINE - I only brush my teeth and put on lipstick - no faffing whatsoever til after class) and you should hear his laughter when he wins :)

He loves writing - loves, loves, loves it. Aunty Funso sent him a pen and you'd think it was a camera he loved it so because now he has more pens like Mummy!

These hooks! I have a new system - when we receive invites, I attach it to one of these clips and they don't get lost. Leaving the invites on the lovely blue cupboard somehow inspired the kids to craft with them. I ended up phoning about 3 mothers to apologise and ask for the details. On the bright side, thank God for my memory - at least I remembered who's party it was and the mother's name.

Now in other news, the Nester's 31 days of ..... is coming up and I'm trying to decide if I should participate.

It's a lot of work but I like a nice challenge, especially because once I get into anything daily, I love the habitual nature of it.

Anyway, I've written on organising for the 3 years (the first year I joined - 2011 - I only wrote 25 posts due to the Great Gallbladder Fiasco) so if I'm to do it, it's got to be something else this year.

I do like to write at least 31 ideas for posts beforehand and try to get some pre-written in case there are "horrible days" and I can't get to the computer.

Any ideas? What kinds of topics am I passionate about that would make you click?

(bonus points for a catchy title)

(honestly the only series I remember over the years is the one on courage that Annie Downs did)

(Mandy could do 31 days of DIY home projects)


  1. We've started with knock knock jokes.. the kids LOVE them! I had to google a few to keep them going! I'm sure your two would love them too!

    1. oh dear, is that up next for me? :)

  2. We do tights under dresses...mostly...now and then N insists on not wearing them and I just let it be.

    Sounds like both of yours are in a great head space at the moment. :-)

  3. Glad you're loving your castinets so much!!! I know you said they were expensive...but look at the joy they're bringing you on so many levels.

    One of the little material things I'm loving right now is two new coffee mugs I bought myself a few weeks ago. The girls and I went shopping for some chairs. We struck out there, but we had SUCH a lovely girls' day. Impromptu, I went into this "home goods" place and we browsed around. On impulse, I bought myself a couple of new kitchen goodies (a gorgeous metal colander!) AND two new coffee mugs. That's not something I'd normally buy...I think long and hard about bringing *stuff* into my house...but I just loved how eclectic these were. [One has the dictionary definition for "create" on it, and one, a line art cat.] It just makes me happy to drink out of them. :) Just this week I took the kitty one to work. It's an afternoon pick-me-up. :)

    Love to you, Marcia!!!

  4. Oh, and YES to shorts under dresses! I put on a dress to wear to work a couple of days ago, and B was adamant I needed shorts under it. "Mommy, you can't let anybody see your panties!" Hahaha!!!

  5. Shorts or tights under dresses are a good thing! The boys also dress very slow. Except Liam if it's time to put on his PJs. He loves to get comfy at the end of the day!

  6. My girls always have to have something on under their dresses- I don't want the world seeing their name and address and they're so not ladylike!


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