Friday, September 26, 2014

This heat is no joke

I walked to the mall yesterday and back because I've been coughing like crazy (to the point where I feel like I could vomit) at random times through the day.

No other symptoms of anything else; just the coughing.

But yesterday I'd had 3 coughing fits by 9:30 in the morning. My colleague kindly suggested that I might want to get something ;)

Anyway, so off I go to the mall to Clicks. I detoured to Mr P home and to Woolworths (got some RED flats!) - but that's not part of the story.

I got some cough syrup and eventually headed back.

Guys, this heat is no joke. Probably 10 - 12 minutes total walking in the heat and I was finished.

Also, I had the beginnings of a heat headache which abated somewhat (Panado!) but then started up again.

I just about managed to sort the kids' clothes, feed all of them and myself and then I jumped into bed.

I slept for over 9 hours last night but my Fitbit app tells me 36 minutes were restless/ awake so it puts the actual sleep time at 8 hrs 44.

Note to myself - no more walking around in 28 - 29-degree heat in Jhb.

We have a party tomorrow so I'm going to be chugging away from my 800 ml water bottle in the shade with my big sunhat and NOT running around the kids at all.

Except for the odd pic :)

And of course, some pics to go with the heat post - Ballito day 3.

this is going to be my new "Marcia" pics - I had the one taken at the old work, in the Drakensberg, and now at the beach :)

thank goodness for D's long arms!

LOVE this pic!

Casting Crowns' new album on my mind... it's a good one!

this is so us! I don't like tea or coffee but reading in bed forever? yes please. With a child or two? Double yes!


  1. Ja its getting way hot in JHB but I personally LOVE it! It's been a hellish week for us, too much sick in my house!!


  2. Things are starting to cool down here (for the most part). It's lovely to feel fall! Although you know I'm a summer kind of gal at heart. ;) Hope you get your coughing in check! I know that's no fun...I had a terrible bout with that a couple of years ago, thought I cracked a rib. I didn't do that, but I did pull a muscle! :/

  3. I thought my pregnancy had ruined summer for me but I am loving this weather. I just want to be outside. I even forced the boys to enter a triathalon on Sunday so we could get back into being outside over the weekends :)

    I think that coughing thing is a season thing - I cough every morning - sounds like I have been smoking for 100 years :-/

  4. I still hate summer heat!!!! We had a fire drill yesterday at work at noon!!!!. I was out in the sun for 10 mins and I had a horrible headache till I went to bed

  5. Aaron makes the same face as D when he reads- my kids call it Daddy's angry eyes. They would always ask him why he was mad and he would say he was just concentrating LOL

  6. The heat hasn't really bugged me yet (helps that our new place has aircon upstairs)...but I've battled a headache for the past 3 days and I am actually considering seeing a doctor about it if it doesn't let up today.


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