Wednesday, September 03, 2014

This is what the middle of winter looks like!

my walking partner

little boys!

this was such a treat - a door in the middle of nowhere... not behind a big wall!


pastel sunset

I'm in love with this lavender
We actually met our neighbour of three years on this particular day... and his dog :)

Favourite photo?
Do you know your neighbours?

Our one neighbour sold her house after about 20 years and thankfully, the new neighbours are normal. They have had about 2 parties so far but not noisy/ doof doof music parties, just talking/ laughing parties. Maybe they were housewarming parties?

PS 13 July, right in the middle of winter. Beautiful but ICE-cold. We were going for walks just in our sweatshirts and it was far too cold. We were both much happier with our jackets :)


  1. Stay warm! Beautiful pictures. I love the lavender too. We have some in pot on our deck.

    1. I love that lavender. I take photos of it on every walk. I sometimes wonder if that neighbour is watching me be weird through a camera.................. eek!

  2. Love the roses with the almost sunset behind. We actually know a lot of our neigbours because we are in one of those areas with the radio networks.

    1. that's my favourite photo too.

      I've successfully avoided the neighbourhood thing for the last 9 years :o :)

  3. We know our neighbours on the one side - awesome people. Then we have the guy next to us on the other side - cantankerous old fart who walks around in his skivs - not a pretty sight so we don't know him that well.


    1. oh dear!

      And then we met another neighbour just yesterday while he was watering outside his house.

  4. Love the second one of the tree!
    At my folks we know almost all the I happen to know the ones on the left from before we moved in. We actually found out by accident that we live right next to each other, hahaha! The landlord's house is between us, so it's not like we see each other over the fence.

    1. The light is GORGEOUS in that pic - I agree!

      How cool is that?! Good thing you don't hate one another :)


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