Saturday, September 13, 2014

Weird things that happen at parties - part 1

A few months ago we went to a child's birthday party.

We were invited by D's colleague, I think because she was curious to meet us (does that seem weird to you too?) because our kids don't actually know this child. It may have also been because a lot of Secret Company people would be there since this child goes to the Secret Company Creche.

Moving on.

We accepted and off we went.

We won't mention how we first got thoroughly lost in Midrand for 40 minutes.

Anyway, the party itself was lovely and the kids played nicely.

However, two weird things happened. I'm going to talk about one now and one next week because I want us to discuss this properly :)

A guy from my previous secret company was there. His kid goes to the same crèche as his wife also works at D's secret company.

But he ignored me. Totally.

this is how I feel - like I'm just left hanging!
He knows me. Granted, we're not best friends but we've worked on assorted projects over the years and he definitely knows me.

And yet he ignored me.

What would you have done?

I then kind-of pretended that I hadn't seen him either so as to minimise the awkwardness... but that is in itself super awkward for me.

Eventually I couldn't stand it and so I went up to him and said, "K! Hello! Fancy meeting you here. How do you know Birthday Child?" And that's when we had a short conversation solely so I wouldn't feel that strangeness, which I can't stand!

Yes, it was a bit awkward but he is an introvert so there is that too.


Seriously, do you do this too? Whyyyyyyy?

(I remember from reading Rachel's blog, the author of that book I love that I can't for the life of me remember right this minute, that a lot of people do this)


  1. I have to be honest here. I am an introvert too...but I find it awfully rude when people look over your head and pretend they don't see/don't know you. I usually go up to them and loudly greet them and watch them squirm.

  2. That sounds quite weird! But maybe just maybe he genuinely didn't remember ( saying this because I know some people are just horrible with remembering people's faces) . I would have done the same thing you did go over and say hello

  3. That is pretty strange. I usually have the opposite...people often think that they know me from somewhere but can't exactly place me and we end up trying to figure it out.

  4. I think it's bloody rude! I am also an introvert - it doesn't mean that bad manners are excused. I probably would have ignored him right back and seethed! But that's me. Maybe he was hearing things about you? Who knows.

  5. I sometimes do it by accident and then feel like because I didn't acknowledge them immediately it's too late now. I'm too awkward for words in situations like those.

  6. That is very strange and very rude. It depends on the situation and the person as to how I would deal with it. I've sometimes confronted them and said Hi and I've also sometimes also pretended to not know them... I want to know how he reacted when you went up and said hi, did he act like he couldn't remember you or did he say "oh hi" or whatever??

    Us homo sapiens, we are a strange breed sometimes!


    1. oh he definitely knew me and just said "oh hi M...." but could people be that oblivious? Surely not!

  7. RUDE. I would also have walked up to him. What irks me is when I run into FB friends - people who have commented on my posts, people who interact with me on social media, but can't string two sentences together when we run into each other in public. I purposefully say FB because we "friended" each other, not just randomly follow each other on Twitter or Instagram.. we requested to be friends, so surely that means we can greet each other in public! It annoys me no end!

  8. Some people just don't seem to understand social niceties. Sounds like he is one of them. You handled it very well, but don't let it bother you. You did nothing wrong.

  9. I'd probably be like the guy- because I always think people don't remember/don't like me.


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