Sunday, October 05, 2014

64 out of 70, and counting

Every year I set a reading goal. This year's goal is to read 70 books, 15 of them non-fiction.

So far I've read 64, with 13 of them being non-fiction.

I actually think I can get to 20 non-fiction this year because it's been a year of good releases (let's not talk about my bookshelf full of physical non-fiction books).

And I'll probably push the goal to 80.

I read this one in a few days and loved it in that very uncomfortable way when you're being challenged.... also, I'm always game for a project.

I wonder if I could do a version of 7? I certainly shop at less than 7 stores already... or do I?

But let me think about this some more and even if it's just me doing something, I may blog about it. I used to join Beth for her annual spending fast in May and I never ever went back to my crazy Exclusive Books spending habits again after I realised just what I was spending every month.

(in those days, about R800 a month...)

Of course, now that's replaced by Amazon. I don't spend as much but my Kindle purchases are absolutely the largest % of my monthly discretionary spend.

This book just made me think A LOT.

Have you read it?

You really should get it!

Because I enjoyed this one so much, I decided to read just non-fiction the rest of October.

These are the other 4 books I'm going to be reading... unless I change my mind. However, they're already bought, downloaded and ready on my Kindle so I'm set up for success.

2. Delancey: A Man, a Woman, a Restaurant, a Marriage 

3. The Nesting Place: It Doesn't Have to Be Perfect to Be Beautiful 

(seems to be on special today! $3,99 for SA'ns, so probably $1,99 for the US buyers)

Is everybody hanging out without me? - Mindy Kaling
(I've wanted this book for about 2 - 3 years so I finally just bought it for myself - what a novel concept!)

5.Let's All Be Brave: Living Life with Everything You Have 

 (this one is also on special - it's half the price I paid for it)

What are the next couple of books you plan to read?


  1. Oh you know I struggle with non fiction. So this year, seeing as it holds so many challenges, I am going full out for fiction. Currently busy with The Lost girls of Rome

  2. I am not a fan of non fiction but I am keen to read "behind the door". My next planned read is the third novel in a series by Nora Roberts when it downloads on my kindle on the 20th October :)

  3. I usually read like crazy and lately I've been in a slump. I have barely read anything over the last couple months. I really never read non-fiction though.


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