Sunday, October 12, 2014

A weekend full of photos

I set myself a personal goal over this next week to complete organising all my September photos...  and so I started last night.

But I did something really stupid.

You see, when I've been editing and want to save my changes in Picasa, I get this message "disc full or write-protected" so I started deleting folders.

I thought it was a Picasa thing so I started deleting folders like collages, screen captures and then I also deleted my starred folder.

Do you know what that means? All my "favourites" were gone.............

Let's say a folder had 150 photos, and I had 30 starred, those 30 were no longer starred and I no longer knew which were my favourites.


Louisa, recognise the notebook?

So last night I was inspired to just finish the last two folders and put the stars back on the rest of the September photos. It wasn't as painful as I imagined it would be.

Then today I finalised my photo organising, chose photos for printing and did project life.

So I've read nothing but the Bible today but at least the photos are sorted (and to be honest, that feels much better than getting a few more chapters into my book :))

The only thing to do now is to take the flash drive to the store and get the printing done... for the last two months.

I can't wait.


I tried to take a photo of a sleeping child this afternoon and turns out my iPhone was chockablock full of photos so there was no space.

Very strange - you can literally not even click on the camera because it gives you the 'camera full" message :(

So I used the big camera and as you can see, it was worth it :)

I like the "visual tension" of pastels and stuffed animals + dirty "boy" feet :)

And so I spent another hour or so copying photos and videos from the phone to the computer.

I want to delete all the duplicates before I save them to the external hard drive but that will have to wait for another day - I'm all photo'd out!

In other news, this was a bumper weekend of photo-taking. We had a school thing and a party thing, and... the light was way too gorgeous so I went a bit wild.

All of that to come soon-ish :)

Now that I can start on October photos - yay!

But back to you - how was your weekend?


  1. Glad you at least have the original pictures and didn't loose those! Phew!!!

    Yes the light was perfect this weekend for pictures but it got too hot! And we still haven't gotten the rain memo yet :(

    Weekend was spent getting better from a bad cold and taking care of a sick baby, but thankfully we are all on the mend again. Rest is indeed the best cure and good medicine of course! But the first 2 hours on Saturday was spent at the the car repair center - not sure why it took 2 hours to replace a simple fog light !!!!

  2. Yes I do. :-)

    Our weekend was way too busy for my liking. I am wearing the cranky pants...STRESSED doesn't begin to cover it. And I feel like I've had no downtime.

    But it was a great photo weekend for us too...

  3. Oh those pics were totally worth it. We had 4 kids for the weekend so it was busy but fun

  4. Our weekend was good but TOO SHORT! We had a brunch at the club on Saturday to celebrate my in laws birthday's this week and then just chilled at home in the afternoon and I went for an 11km run. Yesterday was church and kids church, then running through sprinklers and eating ice creams on our lawn.


  5. He looks so long in these photos!


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