Saturday, October 11, 2014

And my heart burns for You

I have about 10 minutes to blog while D takes the kids to swimming.

Thank you - yes - my head is better although I'm not helping matters much by going to concerts with loud music.

Enjoyable, totally worth it but still loud :)

A few quick pics of how I've spent the last two days...

I'm rather chuffed with these photos, which is why I'm sharing them so quickly.

So D and I went to a worship workshop with Martin Smith of Delirious fame. He collaborated with Jesus Culture on that one album that I LOVE WITH A PASSION, and he has two of his own as a solo artist, God's great dance floor.

Fantastic - not just the worship (although 5 mins in and I've got my money's worth), but the way he spoke about creativity and the creative process. Dare I say... I even felt like a creative....

Absolutely worth taking the day off work.

Also, I say it often but seriously, The Plain Truth is the best Christian band in South Africa. Flip, they were awesome. And everyone flowed so beautifully together. I was so amazed by the talent and God moving and and and.... that I got all teary.

Ah, collaboration is such a beautiful thing.

Are you more of a loner or a collaborator?

(I'm a collaborator)


  1. Looks like you had an amazing time!

    I am a bit of both actually - sometimes I like to create alone and others I collaborate ;)


  2. Your photos are fantastic! Glad you didn't use your flash ;)


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