Monday, October 20, 2014

Around here...

I'm sure no-one but Julia even noticed that I took the weekend off from blogging here.

The 31 days series continues, of course, and I think it's really good but what do I know?!

Thing is I fully intended to blog but my right hand has been in quite a bit of pain. I just googled and it's my thenar muscles. I thought it might be due to me playing with photos for about 3 hours on Saturday because suddenly in the evening, I had some pain.

I stopped working on the computer immediately (I considered it a sign!) and went to read.

It was worse on Sunday so again I only did computer essentials and then read.

And nothing had let up by today. Although it feels like work did some good because it feels better now than it did this morning.

Anyway, Connor prayed for my hand this morning and I believe that God's healed my hand.

This is quite serious - does anyone know where I can get some size 7 - 8 plain white takkies for Kendra's school concert? I've looked at Bata, Edgars, Mr P and Pep.

Oh, we need to get it by Friday :)

I saw the perfect Tomy takkies but they only start in size 9 or 10 (?) - can't remember but it was too big!

Please let me know, friends.

I made a few new craftsy notecards that both look awesome and are fabulous to touch. I can't wait for good light on the weekend to take some nice pics and show you.

So I know some of you've been reading chapter books to your kids (I don't think Deanna reads here anymore but I know she does) but somehow it took us some time to get there.

Well, we went to the library and took 6 big books for the kids (Enid Blyton) and they love it.

This is one addiction I'm quite happy to encourage ;)

I have a couple more socials to try and sort out but then I'm going to stop scheduling them for the rest of the year.

I still want to make a non-Christmas Christmassy supper/ lunch with friends and then I'll call it a day.

Have you stopped yet, or are you still scheduling?

What's going on in your world?

PS this is spring photowalk 2 :)


  1. You are far more social than I am :)
    And yes, still organising, because I don't plan as far ahead!

  2. Finalised. The fewer socials, the better. You will get white takkies at Woolworths, but not the Tomy Takkie styled one.

    I LOVE your 31 -days series. I actually think it's my FAVOURITE one of yours EVER! Am going to do comment catch-up tomorrow.

  3. I have scheduled no socials apart from the Jozi meetup. This term is way too busy as it is. And I love that you took the weekend off - you know I always take it off.

    Oh and both Woollies and Mr Price Sport sells plain white takkies for schools - but it's sports type, not canvas. Find the school shoes section at Woollies and at Mr P sport its where the kids exercise clothes are

  4. No David is trying to close all the gaps in our calendar :)) I don't mind because it means the time goes by so quickly and then its CAPE TOWN!

    The kids and I were somewhere and we saw a whole Tommy Takkie shop with all sizes. But it was obviously here :-/ Try Ackermans? PnP? I HATE this kind of thing - you see stuff until you need to buy it.

  5. Have you tried Shoe City?

    Hope your hand feels better now? I did notice that you were quiet...but I thought maybe you decided to have a offline weekend.

    I'm trying my best not to book anything for Nov so that I can get more studying in...and Dec is pretty much booked up too. So my open slots are mid Jan onwards I guess. ;-)

  6. Hay you... so chapter books... I have an impending list post on read-aloud chapter books... and I think you may enjoy a heap of books on it. I am sorry about your hand, you are in the wars - and there I thought you were busy socializing - you being so fab at friends and all that. What a wise little guy you live with, healed indeed. Hope you all have a brilliant week...


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