Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Ballito photo session aka getting in photos with your kids

The ONE thing I want from every "memorable" occasion is at least one nice photo.
Is that too much to ask?
I've spoken before about how important it is for me (AND YOU!) to get in photos with the kids. It was a journey for me in 2011 but I'm there now and I get a good haul of about 100 decent (made the cut) photos every year.
Isn't that awesome?!
Anyway, so when we went to Ballito to celebrate my 40th birthday, I wanted nice photos against the fabulous grey wall.
At the time I thought the photo session was a disaster.... then again, I always do.... but I got some beautiful photos and some weird ones that I LOVE!
Here is just a small selection of photos from the 4th day and the photo session against that wall!

setting out


Essence - Berry (R24,95 from Clicks) It is my "normal" signature shade.

this is actually what it's like trying to take photos with 5-year-olds - ZERO focus

unexpected great one!

Do you consciously get in photos with your kids?

(if not, let's set a goal, just get in 3 photos for the months remaining of 2014, one a month. So this is something I'm willing to do a link-up for. Will you participate? If you're nervous, start with all your feet or hands, and then profile shots, til you get comfortable with a "proper" photo)

PS I have a photo of my mother and I when I was THREE, and I made sure to get one of her now I'm FORTY! Nothing in between except wedding photos.


  1. Oh I want to but lack willing photographers.

  2. I did a much better job of this when the girls were smaller, but now (oddly?) it seems harder. I still have at least one [good] picture a month, though, I think. I treasure those! And, like you, I have very few of me with my mom. So wish I had more!

  3. I wish I was in more photo's with my kids. When we had a braai at my mom's for Heritage day I insisted my sister take one or two of me with each of the kids. This is also why I don't think family shoots are too much of a luxury, I want photos of me WITH my kids for keepsakes and memories.


  4. These pictures are beautiful! Love love them. Pictures of parents with kids Essential keepsake!! Thank God for selfie cameras on phone. Doesn't always give the best quality but better than never getting any pictures with these babies because seriously they grow too fast

  5. Awe...that unexpected one is just so sweet!

    I do try to get at least one a month too. It's important...I was there too.

    1. It is lovely, isn't it. I've trained D to KEEP SNAPPING AWAY - I don't mind deleting but I don't want to miss the in between moments :)

  6. Yes, but I need some more pics with me and the kids. I've realized I haven't taken that many pics in September. Too busy with the back-to-school stuff.


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