Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Can you feel the end of the year whooshing by?

Is anyone else feeling that end-of-the-year rush yet?

I typed a nice email to D today with ALL the plans for the year on it.

Really detailed.

And then I put all the plans in ALL the calendars.

Overkill, maybe, but I don't like to have something on one computer and it ends up not on another and falls through the cracks.

So at the moment only the 22 November is free, and then December.

How crazy is that?

Are you also booked up?

I'm of the not filling our schedule to the brim camp so when I say we have plans, it means one thing only.

Now, I haven't forgotten about that creative afternoon/ evening thing (all those who commented are on my master to-do list :) You don't want to be on my work list but it's fun to be on my personal list, at least I think so). I also had another "brilliant" idea, actually two - a favourites thing party which I really, really want to do, and of course, I've wanted to do a Christmas/ New Year's friends thing for years.

So many ideas......

Do you have any special ideas for events/ get togethers you're planning?


  1. Nope - I plan to keep this year as simple as possible. It's been tough to start. We do have 2 end of year things already scheduled - one for the Voortrekkers (which one can miss if you really want to) and one for the Horseriding stables (which you have to go to - the kids all get recognized). Then a get together and I am seeing if I can do the meet up. However we are planning to have a great Christmas in PE and see the PE friends in December

  2. Work wise my year is over full but that is always to be expected. Personal life is only calm now and I have my youngest sister getting married so loads to do there. After the wedding of plan to relax on Durban and let my parents take care of me again. In between that is the school concert and I did not volunteer to make costumes this year.

  3. I haven't even started planning N's party...unheard of for me! I just feel so rushed all the time. Grrr!

  4. This year is flying past! I cannot believe that we are already nearly halfway through October!!! Our weekends are becoming really fully booked as everyone wants to try meet before they go away for December.


  5. We have something on pretty much every weekend (at least one thing) from now up until the festive season. But as I was saying to Julia, I really need to keep it at ONE thing on so that the other day can be a rest day. But between school birthday parties and my own social calendar .. it's proving difficult. And also I have huge FOMO so when an invitation pops in, I find it hard to say no :)


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