Friday, October 17, 2014

Fashion Friday - the beard edition

For the last how-many months, I've been observing something rather... interesting.

It's this new-fangled beard thing that I just don't get.

By the way, D and I were chatting in the car about this very topic the other day.

I should write more of it down because it's fascinating stuff - we rip off marketing, corporates, the state of work these days, riveting things. Kind of like Seinfeld but work-related.

Anyway, so this beard thing for men is an actual marketing trend.

For the love!

Now, let me clarify - I don't object to beards. Matter of fact, I like facial hair on some men (granted, Movember sends me over the edge - I can't take these guys seriously who look like they're trying on dress-up clothes).

But I like them very neat and trimmed like stubble. You see, it's the long beards that give me the heebie jeebies.

You see, I keep thinking of food getting caught in there.... and when I see a picture, I literally shudder.

Where are you on the beard thing and why? 
Love it? Hate it? Somewhere in between? Okay for others but your own hubby better not try it?

PS This is not a post about men who grow their beards for religious reasons.


  1. Kind of hate it! I like the clean look but I have to admit it looks good on some men

  2. I think a 5 o'clock shadow type beard is super hot. ;-)
    I don't mind the longer either, but not everyone can pull it off.

  3. My man has always had a moustache and I cannot even imagine him without it...but a beard...all that hair...shudder!!!

  4. I am with Louisa, I find that little bit of stubble very hot. I am not big on large amounts of facial hair. Hubby is very blond so it takes his stubble a while to appear. When he shaves I tell him it is like kissing someone else.

  5. Two words. Just no.

  6. NO NO NO NO NO. I am clearly NOT A FAN. 5 O clock shadow on SOME men is ok but the full beard thing. YUCK!

  7. I love my hubby's "box" around his mouth, and his bald head.. I think that combo is just delicious! LOL! But a long hairy beard.,. BIG NO!

  8. Ah well, my hubby went from no beard, to a goatie to a beard now, but always trimmed. I would love to have him without one for a change though.

  9. I think beards are HOT. But not too much beard. Less is more.

  10. OMG, this is a GLOBAL thing?? We went to a concert last week with young and hip 20-somethings (which we are most definitely NOT) and it dawned on me that nearly every guy there had a beard. Not stubble, but a full-on (typically) scraggly beard. I asked hubby and he said it was a "thing". I had no idea! I just sort of noticed this over time, but it's everywhere. I can't believe this is also true halfway around the world!!!

  11. My man is currently in a long hair, long beard phase. I love it - he looks flipping hot ha ha. However, It does get to a point where it is too long and then he trims it. The food in the beard problem is real!


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