Friday, October 03, 2014

{Friendship Friday} Milestone friend dates

First off - a few quick announcements...

  1. don't forget tomorrow is the day for sharing your patterns!
  2. please follow along with 31 days of Enough Time and if you comment too, I'm going to love you forever (blogging is becoming very lonely these days). I'm thinking I need to put it on my prayer list for God to give me some nice commenters... or encouragers :) like I used to pray for friends
Then I started interviewing nannies today for Nanny S's 4 months maternity leave. Just... interesting. I saw 3 ladies, the 4th couldn't find my place and phoned me when she was already very late so I told her to come tomorrow since she was still at least 20 - 25 minutes away.

Okay, onto the topic.

So about two months ago, I saw Robyn post something about a date night on Instagram for a Friday night and it just triggered a series of thoughts:

  • hmmm, we haven't had one of those forever, unless you count Casting Crowns
  • hey wait, we should start having people over again in the evening (I'm a big noise nazi so I haven't done so since the babies were REAL babies - 4 - 6 months)
  • brainwave, let's do it with Robyn and family

So I commented on her instagram that they should come over to us for their next date... with the kids... and we will have supper.

Which we did.

I can't remember if I told her but they were guinea pigs for this night-time entertaining thing :) because they're very easy people. They're not fussy, have lovely children, are chilled parents, and so are really easy to have over.

It also helps that her kids are the same age as mine, kind-of.

These days with everyone gluten-free this and that, and banting this and that, I've kind-of stopped thinking about having people over.

In the "old" days (a few years ago), I'd ask people if they didn't eat something, or they'd ask me, and it was usually something like, "I don't eat peas, neither of us eat peppers, but we'll fish it out if you cook with it". These days it's very different and difficult. If I make a baked pasta dish, are you going to only fish out the bits of mince and eat that? :)

Mince = ground beef

I can't also ask people over and say, "well you bring your own food and we'll eat my stuff" - that is just wrong.

ANYWAY, so it was refreshing when I asked Robyn what they don't eat, what they drink (we don't drink alcohol so that's off the menu) and so on, and she said, "WE EAT ANYTHING" and really, they do.

Even the kids.

Anyway, my two were WAY too excited to have their own guests.

We set the table in the kitchen for the kids, and the one in the dining-room for the adults.

Everyone ate all their salad, pasta and garlic bread, and Robyn's chocolate cake.


The kids were all good - no fighting or tantrums by anyone. When Robyn and kids came over the first time, I do remember Connor not wanting to share his bike (I think it was a boy/ boy thing - he had shared nicely always with other girl guests). This time, all was well.

It really was a successful evening and gave me hope for more such suppers with other friends, if they're keen ;)

Do you go out at night with your kids, or do you have people over?

We go out to eat VERY occasionally with the kids, but it is very literally a "leave at 6, arrive at Ocean Basket at 6:15 and order straight away, eat and home by 7:15 - 7:30". We go there because they're fast :)

You'll notice no photos of the evening in this post because Robyn and I were both talking too much and didn't even take out the phones or the real camera.


  1. Sounds like it was an excellent evening

  2. Lovely!!! Yes I know it is a challenge with all the gluten free, Banting etc things these days. Sounds like it was lots of fun. Sadly, Difficult for us to have people over with the hours we work. Except we want to have dinner close to midnight!!!!

  3. Ok. So her good again. This is a lovely idea. I think you have to get the combination of kid and parents right. You have too have everyone get along with each other.
    I have stated commenting again and blogging since everything has settled down in my life again.

    1. That comment is from me. StillWorking out my phone.

  4. I have been getting very despondent about comments at the moment.

    Anyway we go out a lot :) It often starts as a lunch time braai and ends up well into the evening. We avoid restaurants purely because of the cost of feeding us all and week night outings are just not worth it for us right now.

    We do have people around fairly regularly more so in summer though.

  5. We do sometimes - with a very select group of friends that we know the kids will get along with etc. I guess we need to expand on this because it is literally 2 couples.

    And yes, comments are slow but I am very slow at the moment with anything blogging.

  6. I think it's just this time of year. Everyone is just treading water to get to Christmas so they are slower at commenting and such... or at least that's my excuse ;-)

    Sounds like a lovely evening. We don't go out often with the kids (Gemma is too small still) but if we do it's generally to family do's where I know I can put her on the bed to sleep etc. I'm sure once she gets older we will try do night time outings but for now, it's kinda a no-no.

  7. Ah, just read this now :) We are getting more chilled about going out in the evenings now! When the kids were younger, this was a complete no-no. But now they can handle it quite well, and I do enjoy it, especially in the Summer. Even eating at restaurants, which are not necessarily child friendly.. LOVE that we can go to these now and have a great evening without rushing home before the baby gets crabby! Added bonus if the kids are bathed before and fall asleep on the drive home and just need to be popped into bed when we get back :)


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