Friday, October 31, 2014

{Friendship Friday} October's been a good month for meet-ups

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Wow, October's been a good month for meeting up with friends.

First, we met up with our friend, T, before the worship workshop.

And then there was the day when B came to visit. And the night when I met up with K and Caren.

Then we went over to Robyn's for a delicious lunch. Proper photos to come one day when I'm caught up.........

I then had a speedwalking lunch with Mrs FF (I had a meeting I had to get back for).

And then we had Sam and her lovely family over last Saturday.

I would have met up with Jenty on Wed but we had a double-booking situation so that's moved out.

And last but not least, I met up with J last night.


Somehow it feels like there weren't as many as there clearly were (8 if you've counted).

Maybe that's because of the speed-dating or because of the weekday meet-ups? I don't know.

ice-cream on the step with Kade

In my last post, Terisha commented and said she and her friends meet up at each other's house and may I add.... this is TOTALLY my preference. I'm not sure why but that somehow hasn't happened often with my friends? Reluctant entertaining? :)

I used to be very a very reluctant entertainer til I realised I only have to be myself. I'm not a big cook so I do what's comfortable for me, and if people don't like that, well, they are welcome to bring along what they want to eat too ;)

Pros - much cheaper, especially for a family
Cons - washing the dishes (I'm not averse to using paper plates! Remember, we have no dishwasher)

We used to pay Nanny S to come work once a month on the "entertaining Saturday" but the new nanny can't work on a Saturday due to her religion, so I'm going to keep things nice and easy from now onwards.

Are you a reluctant entertainer like I used to be?
Or do you have your friends over?

PS My Irish friends in Dublin said it's very rare to have people over in Dublin.
PPS Please go over to my friend Se7en and donate to the Cuppa for Cansa project. It's SUPER easy and it's for a good cause!!! Take your croissant/ lattes/ cappucino/ soda money tomorrow and donate it. I love supporting my friends when they have good ideas :) :)


  1. The pictures of the kids with friend! Gorgeous!!! that's a lot of dates in one month! Wow!!! I do a maximum of 2 or 3 in as many months. I'm not even sure I have enough friends to have 4 dates in a month.

    I'm not a reluctant entertainer and I don't mind the washing up! Plus you know I love cooking.

    1. What about Y? Does he feel the same as you about entertaining?

  2. I adore that photo of Kade and the kids on the step! ADORE!

    I love entertaining at my house and do it as often as possible, we have a dishwasher so it's super simple for us... which means its your guys turn to come to us next :)


    1. I've been threatening to get a dishwasher to make the prospect of entertaining more palatable to D since he's currently our dishwasher :)

  3. Love the pic of our littles! I've come to love entertaining because now I cook and prep EVERYTHING ahead of time. The only reason I didn't really like entertaining at home was because I'm always so busy running around that I don't enjoy my guests proper, you know. But now I always make sure EVERYTHING is done so I can just relax with my people! We enjoy being at each other's homes as opposed to going out. Firstly, because you have as much time as you like, secondly because you don't have to keep an eye on the kids as you do when out in a public space and thirdly because we are a LOUD bunch of people! That's alot of friend dates by the way!!

    1. Great reasons, Robyn. Also CHEAPER!

      One main course plus tea and parking = R130 for me at Doppio.


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