Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I found new amazing Jhb views - part 1

So most of you know how much I loved my old work campus. And one of the hardest things about leaving was leaving that beauty behind. I know it sounds crazy but it is what it is.

And then we get invited to a party... in our suburb... and as we walk through the garden, I gasped!

Those gardens were amazing. The views, the space, the beauty!

Okay, I'll stop talking and let you have a look. I had a BALL walking around with my camera taking photos of all the things I love.

(this is part 1 - I'll post part 2 next week)

So friends, this was such a gift from God. It was literally like getting a gift to nurture my soul in the middle of a normal weekend.


The mom said I can come back anytime to read... take photos... whatever... and I'm totally taking her up on it. At the very least I need to go get some sunset photos.

Which was your favourite?


  1. The aerial views- first 2 pictures. I can just picture that view at sunrise or sunset!!! All very beautiful pictures

  2. Wow, that really is lovely.

    My fav is the first one...and the fuchia photo.

  3. That is beautiful! Love the views but adore the textured rock shot

  4. Stunning! There is BEAUTY everywhere if we look for it.


  5. Lovely! I like the one with the red stairs.


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