Thursday, October 23, 2014

Making wraps with a recipe from the gang at Se7en

Guys, remember those grocery posts where I told you we very seldom have wraps for supper because they're so expensive?


Well, they are.

Depending on the brand you can pay anywhere from R28,99 for 6 small wraps/ tortillas to R39,99. We used to buy the big ones because it felt like we needed two each of the tiny ones.

Then I saw a post on my friend, Se7en's blog about making wraps.

It looked easy but she makes everything look easy, doesn't she?

Still, I like to give things a good bash at least once. So one Friday we got home from work, and I went to work... in the kitchen.

(all pics by D because wrap-making is messy business)

me pointing to exactly where I wanted the camera :) Also, that rolling pin is 19.5 years old - wedding present
there we go, isn't that better?

It's so, so easy!


4 cups flour
1 - 1.5 cups warm water
120 g margerine
1/4 tsp salt

I made two changes because I'm incapable of following directions (true story!):
  1. I used margerine instead of butter.
  2. I didn't wipe my pan with oil first. I found that the flour and the margerine in the dough kept the wraps from sticking in the pan.

A tip I loved: Cut the dough into 8 pieces, and then cut each piece into 2.

This makes 16 wraps... and my family of 4 ate those wraps that Friday night, again for lunch one day on the weekend, and once more during the week. And we "fought" over the last few.

I fried them all on the Friday night and kept them in a plastic container. There are some comments saying the wraps went hard. Mine stayed soft. I don't understand the science of baking so I can't tell you why but IT WORKS.

These photos were taken mid-Sept and we've made wraps an additional two times since then.


They are that easy. Matter of fact, I may make some this weekend!

Go forth and make some wraps this weekend.

Have you ever made wraps, tortillas or roti?

PS your kids will think you're wonderful if you put some salted caramel toffee in a wrap for dessert ;)
PPS So far this is my favourite recipe of the year!
PPPS I tried some biscuity things this week which turned out amazing - can't WAIT to blog about those. EASY-peasy. If only I could take photos while baking, I'd be a food blogger. HA!


  1. Oh wow, I believe you that it's easy because really, she does make everything look way too easy!

  2. Those look pretty easy to make - must give this a bash!

  3. I make my own flat bread and it stops there. I import rotis from Durban and we use those as wraps, because you're right, they are ridiculously expensive!

  4. Oh would you look at this!!! When you don't read a single blog post all week and you catch up on a Friday night... I am so thrilled at how much you love our wrap recipe... can you believe how much they charge for wraps... flour and water, madness!!! I am so very glad yours worked out well... my families favorite treat for sure. And now I know exactly what to serve your kids when they visit us one day... it's just a matter of time!!!

  5. That looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing.


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