Monday, October 06, 2014

My D's really good at packing... and I'm not

D's always had the job of packing the luggage in the boot (trunk) for road trips. He is excellent at arranging random-shaped things to make them all fit.

It's a serious skill!

Maybe I appreciate it so much because I'm not skilled that way. D tells me it's from his Zim days when they used to pack the car and drive down to Jhb, and back.... I say, "noooo, it's your mad packing skillz".

Are you good at packing?

So on the last day in Ballito, we were all packed so the kids and I decided to have a last walk on the boardwalk while D did his "magic" and packed up the car... and my mother made sandwiches :)

doesn't this just scream 5-year-old girl? plastic beaded bracelet that she made herself and chipped nail polish :)

5 benches - I couldn't resist

squinty kids

racing back

our last photo in Ballito
Bye Ballito - we miss you already!

Okay, so let's talk about holidays!

Who's going on holidays soon?

I will have 6 days (!) in Dec/ Jan but I may go into negative leave to get a full two weeks' off (MandyE, don't be jealous of all our leave :))


  1. Love love love the pictures.

    Y too is fantastic at these things and yes I agree with D you learn these type of things sometimes due to necessity. I'm good at packing bags and I can usually have a good guess what a bag weighs roughly - too many plane trips

    1. Thanks!

      that is a special skill!

      I can only tell if the bag's going to be overweight, not how much it will weigh :)

  2. I am actually the better packer of the two of us ;-)

    We are going to Plett for 2 weeks in January next year and I am scared for the looooong drive but I CANNOT wait to go on holiday! Last one was two years ago and I REALLY need one!


  3. I love to pack but neither of us is particularly bad. Oh and that picture just screams 5 year old girl - I totally love that one. My favorite of the bunch

  4. I pack bags because I make lists and I do not forget then I leave hubby to do that magic boot thing.
    I too will end up in negative leave but not much I can do about it. Going to spend two weeks in Durban over December break.

  5. I'm okay at packing, but my dad is like the grand master. He doesn't like interference when he's at we carry to the car or trailer and then get out of his way. He likes to have big things first so we arrange everything in a neat row by size. If two things are the same size the squishable one is considered the smaller one. ;-)

    I'm on leave from mid Dec to mid Jan - and we're hitting Balitto first week of Jan. I can't wait!

  6. Byron is a master packer.. and i think its from all the Durban trips we do! Things have gotten easier now that we don't have to pack two prams, bottles, sterilisers, camp cots, nappy bags, etc, etc! We pack rather light these days :) Stunning pics!


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