Monday, October 13, 2014

So let's talk more about this commute

taken from our 3rd floor window

D has changed from being a total rule-follower into this weird person who actually leaves work early.

I have always kept my own hours. Basically, I always just work til I'm done. Most days that is far longer than what is "required" but Fridays, in my view, are meant for 4 pm departure times.

I think this may be due to having worked flextime for 19 of my 20 years, and technically the 20th year was also flextime except those teammates were super "structured".

I think all Jhb drivers feel a bit smug when the traffic is at a standstill in the opposite direction

I asked D today on the way home what's got into him because I get these emails from him at 3.45 ish asking what time I want to leave, and today I said, "RIGHT NOW" because I worked really well in the morning and was super, super productive. And I was out of there at about 4.15.

He says he feels bad having me wait, and I said I don't feel at all bad that you feel that way :)

on the way to work

As we were driving, I said, "how do people do a one-hour commute every day?" and he said, "well, remember most people are not like you - some of us LIKE time to ourselves in the car".


So do you like alone time in the car like D?

I keep thinking, "there's SOOOOO much more I could be doing if I were somewhere", so much so that I whatsapped Nanny S from the car to tell the kids we were going for a walk when I got home.

First they told me they wanted to stay home and so I bribed them with yoghurt pops (I will write another post on those pops) and that got them out of their laziness.

jacaranda bloom
These days I "amuse" myself in the traffic (when I'm not driving myself obviously) by taking photos of interesting things.

I have a list of about 4 places already that I want to go back to with the kids to take pics!

We've discovered that the time we leave work doesn't make a bit of difference if it's anytime between 4 and 5:15 - it still takes about an hour to get home.

Now I know why all my colleagues fly out of there anytime from 3 - 3:30.

Granted, D and I now play a little game (all my idea to make life more exciting) to set personal best times to get home. Our fastest time is 39 minutes. Today's was 42 minutes. Our longest was 54 minutes.

How do our commute times compare with yours?

PS one of my pet peeves is when I ask people this question and they say, "oh, when there's no traffic it takes me 15 minutes. And I say, "well, when is there no traffic?" Um, never? You're always travelling to and from work in traffic. Unless it's the once every 6 months when you go to the dentist and you go in to work at 10 am!


  1. Holy crap! I'd go insane! that is not life, it's like you're wasting part of your life in an automobile.... it takes me 8 to 10 minutes to get to work. 8 = don't get stopped by red robots (and it is impossible to be stuck in traffic on my route). Shew I don't know how people do a long commute every day :/ 4pm on a Friday, ouch that's actually late...maybe because I work in engineering and most companies finish early, we're one of the later ones and close at 3pm on a Friday. But I do start work at 6:45am if anyone feels jealous at my short commute :)

  2. I spend a lot of time in the car but not really in traffic thankfully or I would not cope.I do enjoy the alone time I get in the car - even if it is 10 minutes to take Cam to swimming. Its my recharge time, I plan the next steps of the day/dinner etc etc.

    David spends a lot of time in traffic - he uses that time to catch up on phone calls. When I was pregnant with Jack he would listen to podcasts about pregnancy :)

  3. I am truly blessed. My house, school, work trip is no more than 6 km from house to work with school in between with reasonable traffic in general. You get the odd day with a traffic light out or an accident but there are many alternative suburb type routes. H now does the Gautrain so he reads in it.

  4. Twice a year at the most I drive to the city for a meeting, twice a year is enough to put me off ever commuting anywhere!!! My hubs does it with ease - he listens to audiobooks and podcasts... it is his peace in the day... I am so glad he has that time - but seriously, I would rather amble on the beach for my daily peace!!!

  5. Now that I use the train my commute is bearable. In the past it used to take me about 20 mins to get to sandton and another 45-60 mins to do the last 5-10km drive (grrrrrrr) of course I hated it. Now I get to do a short drive daily and then get some walking done (win win)
    Look on the bright side at least you get to drive with D

  6. LOL I hate the commute, but I did smile at D's reply to you.
    When we only had one car and L had to take me to work and back home again, I nearly killed him!! I discovered very quickly that I needed that time alone in the car to get through the rest of the day.

  7. Takes me about 40 mins, but only because there are loads of road construction and a few roads have been closed. I know it is going to be great once the construction is done. I have a school stop in between so I do not think it is too bad. I like my music in my car, it I'd my only private time.

  8. I like a bit of alone time...but not too much. Yesterday there was chaos on one of my roads and I got stuck for two hours! Usually it takes about 40 mins which is just right for me.

  9. Urgh! My commute is just insane. I leave home at around 07h15 to drop Kade at school (take me literally 3 mins to drive to the school) and then I leave the school at around 07h30 and it can take me up to 09h00 to get to work depending on how heavy the traffic is on the freeway. My WORST is the Grayston offramp - it is slowly destroying my soul. This morning I hit the 1km to offramp sign at 08h25. I walked into the office at 09h05. Yes that is 40 mins to travel maybe 2.5km... INSANITY.

    The backroads are unfortunately not any better. It takes me a similar amount of time to travel back roads to work.

    Going home sometimes takes me only 45 mins.

    I don't mind being in the car and driving but some days it just gets to me (like this morning)


  10. I disagree.. some days for no apparent reason my route will have NO traffic at all, or it will be really free flowing.. and other days that same route will be disastrous! So on good traffic days, we can do it in 20 mins, and on bad traffic days we do it 40 mins! oh and these days have nothing to do with holidays, accidents, etc.. perhaps some days more people just jump out of bed at the same time :) I really didn't mind the traffic when I wasn't driving, but now that I drive, it drives me insane!!! ROAD RAGE!


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