Friday, October 24, 2014

{Friendship Friday} Speed (friend) dating

A few weekends ago our friend B was out from London.

He came for our church conference and how's this for cool - the mother church they go to in London is in Pta and they were also conferencing that very same week. That's God giving him double the blessing for the money spent! 

We were whatsapping back and forth trying to make a plan and nothing was working but I said to him, it will work out - it always does.

So after gym on the Saturday we rushed home, he rushed to us and we spent just an hour and 15 minutes connecting, heart to heart, again and sending him off with hugs for both him and K, his wife.

It was short, it wasn't exactly as I would have had it (perhaps less sweaty? :)) but that was all we had so we made the best of it.

Caren and I had a supper date last week . This had been scheduled more than a month in advance.

Only problem is... it was at 7.30 pm.

There is no point in me driving all the way home to arrive at 5.55, stay one hour, and drive almost all the way back out in the same direction.

So I emailed around to see if any other friend could meet me from 5:30 - 7:30.

It was close but eventually my one friend K said YES, definitely. And we met up.

K said it felt like speed dating :) but it was actually the perfect use of time to connect with two friends in one evening, and not "waste" my time driving back and forth.

Of course I paid R16 for parking but it was totally worth it.

Caren brought me gifts (!) and a card to congratulate me on my new job - so thoughtful of her!

I won't do this very often because it was a very long day for me, being away from home from before 8 in the morning to after 10 that night, and I was pooped.

But connection with friends is priceless and I really value it when we prioritise the friendship. Let's face it - no situation is ever "perfect" in this life stage so we're always making a compromise here and there.

I'm doing another straight-after-work thing next week but this time, it's only one plan :)

Do you ever speed (friend) date?
Tell me some finagling you've had to do to connect with your friends recently.


  1. So very true - nothing would be ideal or perfect at this stage. I had a really bad friend year but I think it is in general just a very tough year for us. I love quick lunch time connects.

  2. Gosh my friend dates are always couple of hours long, Often we'll meet for lunch will still be chatting away till supper. We do meet most of the time at each others homes as its more comfortable and relaxing than being at a restaurant. Missing your blog posts.

  3. Last week I rushed out of work after a hectic sales meeting to meet a friend who is battling infertility at a shopping centre close to my office and her one client for a quick cup of coffee. She needed to talk to someone who got it and I needed to get our of the "how am I going to hit budget" frame of mind. It was a 30 min meet up but WAS AWESOME!


  4. Also is there a reason you've now enabled that crappy type in this number thing before we can post comments? I HATE it with a passion and normally won't comment on blogs that have it but cos it's you I do it...



  5. I hardly ever do quick meet ups, I always feel robbed! I like long leisurely get togethers!


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