Monday, October 27, 2014

Updates of the nanny kind

A few updates because people have been asking me:

My hand is perfect again – thank the Lord. It was still sore in the morning last Tuesday but by the time Spanish rolled around that evening, I was all better. And it was totally fine on Wednesday.

I’ve also been very careful to not sleep with it in an awkward position.

Thanks for asking, guys.

Connor taught me to make a ring from the loom bands.
By the way, that's not why I didn't post this weekend. As with all habits, it is very easy to fall out of routine, and I must admit, I did think, "what the heck? no one's reading anyway. Might as well read/ do photos/ eat pancakes" :)

So far I'm managing with those 64 stairs and interestingly, it is really not bad at all. I think it's because I cart such a lot of stuff with me - at minimum my handbag and a lunch bag. But I still have deodorant in my drawer... as well as lots of food.

It was so funny - Mrs FF met me for lunch on Friday and she whatsapps me to say, I'm outside but I'm not walking up all those steps (or something similar) ;) 

What do you take to work?

(there is a guy in our division who literally has his phone and car keys every day - I presume he has a wallet in his pocket? Anyway, I'm amazed at people who travel so light!)

I interviewed 5 ladies earlier this month for a temporary nanny to replace Nanny S while she’s on maternity leave. I liked two. As I said to D, if I’d interviewed only on the one day, I would have gone with the one person; because I interviewed some more on the second day, I liked one of those too.

D wasn’t any help in making a decision so I told the agency to decline 3 but I would take time to pray about the 2. Well, no sooner had I done that than things flared up a bit. There was some missing information and before you knew it, the one was disqualified and the other got the job. A small matter of being open would have probably got the other one the job but we are very open people and I don’t like omissions of any kind.

Anyway, I’m being vague on purpose….but we have a nanny.

Nanny T starts on Thursday so she can train with Nanny S for two days, and then she’s on her own.

Interesting times ahead.

By the way, is there anything you can add to my list of things she needs Nanny S to show her?


  1. Just popping over for a little dose of Marcia to get me through the rest of the afternoon. Love you, my friend!

  2. Oh that little blogger in the last photograph... love, love, love that photograph!!!

  3. I'm glad your hand is feeling better. :-)
    And yay for new Nanny! I hope it's a smooth transition for you all.

  4. I travel as light as I can - always. Its probably why I don't have a handbag collection and actually now that I think about it - the 3 I have were all bought for me. And when I use them they generally just have my purse, phone and a little bag of a lady stuff!

    At work I had a bag and that was it. If I had lunch to take then I would try fit it in my bag :)

  5. I carry a huge backpack with books and stuff and heavens, my favorite pens etc. I actually need to rethink this. But it also takes my laptop that I do not take home every day but just when I want to work that night/weekend - be it work or photo stuff (I have photoshop from work on it).

    And I love love that last pic!

  6. What happened to your hand? Pray it all works out with the new nanny xxx

  7. Glad the hand is feeling better! I am sure that between you and Nanny S and the kids the new Nanny T will be whipped into shape in no time ;-)

    LOVE that last pic!

    I had to laugh at Mrs FF - she who walks kilometers and kilometers every day not wanting to do the stairs!!



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