Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Using your phone while driving

my favourite stretch of road because it's always smooth sailing from here :)
A few days ago I was blog surfing and landed on a blog where the lady wrote about a friend who’d died.

The friend was busy taking a selfie,  posted that to Facebook with a status update, was distracted and veered into the path of an oncoming truck.

Needless to say, huge accident. Her car was crumpled up and she immediately died; the truck driver was unhurt.

I’m not going to link to it because the point is not to drive clicks to the blog or satisfy your curiosity.

The point is how sad and senseless that death is.

We’ve all had our phones in the car and used them.

I must say, even I’ve had my phone in the car with me about 2 days a week as I drive to and from work, because the iphone lady (is that who Siri is?) directs me if I veer off from my route (PLEASE PROCEED TO THE ROUTE!) in a moment of spontaneity when I can’t stand traffic standing still and I take another way home.

(Surprisingly, this happens more often than I think - it's like my body doesn't realise I have no sense of direction because I feel myself just taking new ways home). 

I often take photos when my car is stationary in a line of traffic or at a red light (I post to IG when I’m home), or I’ll dial Nanny S while at the red light and talk to her about something on speakerphone while driving off.

Maybe it’s a blessing but I can’t actually use my fingers to type without looking, so I don’t.

But maybe you do?

Friends, please just think about this 32-year-old lady and let her death be a wake-up call for all of us to remember that as smart as we think we all are, we actually can’t do two things at once.

Put away the phone and focus while you’re driving.

Did you hear about this story?
Do you want to share what you do with your phone in the car?

PS I took these photos while D was driving us to work.


  1. Love the pics. I sometimes talk but have headphones but I hear even that although legal, is not 100% safe. Then I also take pics at traffic light and stop streets (especially Jacaranda time). We need to be careful.

  2. I am very bad. I must stop it.

  3. There are two spots on my route where traffic comes to a stop for minutes at a time. I might look at my phone there if anywhere...but mostly I'm singing along to whatever's playing and jamming an air guitar. My phone is always on silent, so incoming things don't bug me either.

  4. I am TERRIBLE with my phone in the car. I have a lot of stationary time in the car and always check my phone there. Then also when it's crawling along on the hiway I often scroll thru Twitter or Instagram. MUST PUT PHONE IN BOOT!!!


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