Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A ziplining party and leave!

Last month the kids went to an adventure party with ropes, ziplining, climbing, etc.

It was great = tired kids nap!

Of course I forgot in the morning rush and that's why K's wearing normal shoes instead of takkies. Still, she coped well.

love this one

precious baby!

they were so brave!

stepping out!

my kind of pics amidst the action

another sweet baby! look at the cheeks!!!

Two kids flat-out refused to participate, a couple of others freaked out while moving through the obstacle course so I was very proud of them for participating without one moan, and completing it so well.

And they enjoyed it!

While I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea, these kinds of parties are expensive (I went to look at prices afterwards!).

Do you know what Connor said to me?

Why do you never take us ziplining? (they'd been on 1 May - it was our May "adventure")!!!

We're going to The Berg (!) again in December so if they want to go ziplining, they'll be seasoned zipliners. As for me, I'll be very happy to watch and take pics. Maybe even read a book :)

Anyway, there are  3 weeks and 2 days til I go on leave. How did that happen so quickly?

When are you going on leave?

PS on this day last year. I have a very scary photo on my phone of my crying face. I'm so glad those days are over. (if you click through, read Lucky Life's comment - golden!)


  1. Oh my your babies are so so brave and adorable. Love the photographs!!!

  2. Looks like a great party!
    I'm on leave from the 19th of December...can't wait. I am soooo tired.

  3. L had and Acrobranch party the other day (I assume this is Acrobranch or something similar) and he went again and again. A has been twice and she can not wait - she is almost the required length for the highest one.

    I totally love these "do things" parties and we have decided if they want this we will do it, but then just say 5 friends or so

    1. And leave starts on 12 December ! Yeah! And so happy that today should have a happy face picture for you

  4. We leave on the 11th December. Its all suddenly got crazy. I am going to Tanzania on the 7th and get back on the evening of the 10th so packing is Ds responsibility. I CAN NOT WAIT!

  5. Time flies and with every second ticking away, it's one less second to do something and live life. Scary!
    Sounds like a great vacation that you have planned. We're going to the Cape Province. Can't wait :)
    Lovely photos. Kids these days adore the zipline thing so much.

  6. My 6months maternity leave starts in a weeks' time - cannot wait! As for the ziplining, when my boys are older, dad will have to make a plan ;-)

  7. Love that the kids were so into it and so brave to TRY. I hate when kids or adults wont even give it a bash... I would LOVE to do this myself actually ;)

    We have forced leave the week between Christmas and New Year but my official leave is from 15th January (Gemma's birthday) - CANNOT WAIT!!!


  8. Your photos are kind of pics ;-)

    No leave over this time of the year for us. Our counsillors, social worker and pastor are all on we have to take care of things.


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