Sunday, November 02, 2014

Around here...the goals version - what worked, what didn't, etc.

How was your weekend?

We don't do Halloween, of course.

Well, I had my hair trimmed and done, went to new school orientation, had our year-end, went to church, went to a party, and collapsed :)

And then I did goals tonight.

October was the first month in a very long time that I didn't have individual dates with each kid.

So I announced to them that I'll be doing just that, one next week and one the week after that (this week is concert week otherwise we'd start immediately). The key is always in the scheduling.

Needless to say, they're super excited.

I tried one new recipe this month. Alas, I didn't take any photos but let me quickly tell you it was a made-up recipe.... that D and the kids loved!

Cappuccino-chocolate bars

1 packet muffin mix (500g) (any flavour you choose - we used Sasko's cappuccino)
2 eggs
1/2 cup oil
1/2 cup milk

Mix and press into a pan as flat as you can get it. I don't like touching food so I used a spatula to press the mixture flat.... next time, I'll put a bag over my hand and push it flat. I think it would be quicker that way.

And then...... I chopped up a Milky Bar (100g) and pushed the pieces into the cake bar mix.

Bake for about 12 - 15 minutes, maybe longer. My oven is very hot.

Stay in the kitchen to watch it...

When it looks cooked, check with a toothpick to make sure it's cooked inside.

Remove from the oven and cut into blocks while hot.

It was delicious!

Speaking of baking and such, have you realised we're very close to Christmas?

I read a lovely post on the Se7en blog about keeping things super simple and having things done by the end of November.

I'm all over that.

I really want to go SUPER simple this year. Isn't it strange that it feels like Christmas gets simpler every year?

In other news, I accidentally booked a holiday for us.


I was really just playing around to shock myself with the prices... and realised that with our Vit.ality discounts, we could get a holiday for 50% off.... so I checked leave dates and booked the holiday.


Okay, goals!

I got 88% on my October goals - 8 socials instead of the 4 scheduled! Which is probably why I didn't get to my dates with the kids, and only 2 photowalks (I realise some of you are thinking mean thoughts toward me, but we do many walks every month).

I'm in a Bible-reading whatsapp group with two lovely ladies, and I'm loving it. I could be more encouraging like I used to when I wasn't working outside the home but just knowing that we're supposed to be doing this has done WONDERS for my daily Bible-reading habit. I love it!

I'm still 3 days behind but I'm doubling up this week to catch up.

I closed a membership group I had on my business site which is a horrible thing for me to do - I had to fight feelings of being a failure but it does make me doubt everything.  I'm going to write some more about that later this month in the newsletter.

On the bright side, I finished 31 days of enough time. If you've been reading along, don't forget to read the last post and leave a comment so I can send you a copy of the book.

31 days

For November, I'll share just a few goals with you:
  1. Read a chapter a day - Psalms 32 - 61
  2. Decide what to do properly for Christmas - lunch, buy D's present, buy the kids' presents, buy my parents' things too. Obviously I'm not sending Christmas cards (unless the post office stops striking in the next two weeks) but I will send individual emails to my friends which is not the same but will have to do.
  3. Photoshoot in Newtown!
  4. Walk an average of 6000 steps a day - I'm now up to a daily average of 5878 (100 steps a day more - it sounds like nothing but I'll take it!)
  5. Sleep 7 or more hours a night
  6. Do well at my Spanish exam
  7. Keep playing with my new camera (oh yes, I still need to write about that!)
What are your goals for November?
And how did you do for October?


  1. Hay you... thanks so much for the link love!!! I am fully intending to get all our Christmas planned and done and dusted before the end of the month... I am blogging all about books this week, bit the following week my mind should be fully into Christmas gear and I'll be blogging some strategic posts then!!! Wishing you the most fantastic week ahead!!!

  2. You have a new camera! What! I want to know.
    I am way behind on reading this month - have not read a single book in October but tiredness got me . Could not keep my eyes open once I was in bed at night.

    And you had a hectic weekend - for once we have a much easier and calmer one.

    And yeah for a holiday booked. Well you know our circumstances and we will certainly have a nice BIG family Christmas but I do suspect we will all help and do food at least simple enough

  3. How awesome on the holiday! I cannot wait for January when we head to Plett!!

  4. The bible group is the BEST!!!


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