Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Family Fun Day and things I don't like taking photos of

Last month the kids' school had their annual fun day.

Taking photos at fun days is exactly the same as taking pics at parties for me in that I kind-of hate taking those sorts of photos:
  • millions of kids running around with nothing for your eye to rest on so I end up deleting most of them because I don't like the pics
  • I always feel a bit twitchy until I get a couple of good photos otherwise what was the point of schlepping the camera along
  • pressure for the cheesy shots when everyone knows I like to take pics of rust, walls, wheelbarrows and door handles
My new thing for parties is to get a list of must-get shots from the parents so we get those out of the way, and then I can relax and get the candid and weird shots I love.

Anyway, so that day, I got some pictures to please me and then I eyed some steps with gorgeous texture so I made the kids stand there so I could take some of them too. Win-win.

I'm 100% sure he was saying something naughty because look - a natural smile!

Secondly, I also don't like taking selfies with the phone. I don't mind with a real camera though.

Is there anything you don't like taking photos of?

PS next year my photography goal needs to be these phone selfies. Mrs FF and Shayne are SO good at them; you should see the ones of my expressions that I obviously don't post!


  1. I never take photos of my feet. Or my shoes. Or a "what I'm wearing right now" kind of photo. I AM awesome at the selfies if I must say so myself. I actually don't post them - am planning to print them at some point and make a ME ME ME album. The selfies are really just a practice thing. I've actually never taken a selfie with the big camera. Must play with that sometime.

  2. Oh and next year I am going to try to be more brave about sharing images. I feel VERY intimidated at the moment.

  3. I hate taking selfies! HATE THEM! I always look about 100 years old!

  4. I always love to see how much of the detail you photograph...and that is what I love too. This year I outsourced the Mission Christmas parties photography to my daughter and now I look at the photos she took and I miss the close ups of little hands opening the gifts and the close ups of big smiles.

  5. I also hate selfies...which means no photos of me anywhere ;-)

  6. Oh I hate selfies in any form. You know I hardy ever do that! Beautiful textures

  7. Those hooks! Those stairs with that man sitting on them!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!


  8. So you know I am the queen of selfies! I even have selfies from 2006 taken with a proper camera before the days of selfies. It's either I'm vain or I don't take myself too seriously. I just love pictures and selfies are just another form of pictures - even with or without make up. Y thinks I'm just vain :)

    1. Hmmm I'm not big on graffiti or ish type pictures

  9. My angle on selfies just always feels a bit off. I either get the chins or a really big forehead.


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